Mumpreneur Petra Jones: Why I set up a podcast

Why mumpreneur Petra Jones started podcasting

Words by Petra Jones, host of The Mumpreneur Show … When I was looking for a new and exciting direction in my professional life, the kind of direction that would stretch my abilities and my comfort zone, I knew I needed to choose something that wasn’t necessarily in direct connection to my current business but still  would be aligned to it and to my other interests.

The fact that I am a Mum and I run my own business meant I was constantly searching for answers around topics I found most women in the same situation would search for as well. Topics about business solutions, inspiration around running a business as well as managing my personal life, kids and happiness at the same time. This is tricky at the best of times. It was something I strongly identified with and thought was connecting me with other women with same or very similar interests.

I felt podcasting was the medium where I could connect with more women like me, who are constantly on the go. The thought of starting a podcast was exciting and scary at the same time and I knew I wouldn’t be able to lift one off the ground without few important things in place:

1     I wanted to create content that I wanted to listen to –  Right from the start, I always said: “This podcast will be created for me”. A bit selfish? I didn’t think so, I felt there were women just like me wanting to talk about the same things and looking for same solutions. I applied the simple 80-20 rule, 80 per cent content that will produce value for my audience and 20 per cent of the extra bits and pieces mixed with fun and laughs.

2     I wanted to learn from the best – This was one of the first decisions I have made. I thought by engaging with someone who can deliver the whole ‘how to’ process in a programme will be the most cost and time effective way for me personally. I have learnt from a very experienced podcaster Ronsley Vaz and joined a community of other people that were driven by the same goal. Magic happens when you do this.

3     I had a plan for my podcast – After all, this was to be my next business journey  and as much as it sounded like a lot of fun to chat with amazing women few times a week, I needed to have focus and a strategy in place.  Don’t wait for your podcast to go live to see what happens. Have a marketing plan in place and possible product funnels you can create from the content you are producing.

The aim of my podcast is to have genuine conversations with women, business owners, entrepreneurs, accomplished professionals, mothers, partners, friends.  I love to engage with them on a fun level where we can share family experiences, fun times, successes and learn from their mistakes. To see them open up and discuss topics I would sometimes consider delicate is mind-blowing and inspirational. That kind of level of honesty I believe connects us at a human level.  We are all amazing in our own way of being imperfect.

Create something you are passionate about and own your podcast space!


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