10 fun content ideas for more interaction and engagement

More interaction: Did someone say fun with your content!

Getting engagement – the bane of your social media existence… at least that’s what you’re telling me! If you want more interaction, read on!

I recently polled 250 business owners, course creators and coaches in my Facebook group “Copywriting That Converts” and one of the biggest issues people who write their own copy have is getting engagement.

My gorgeous clients tell me each and every day that engagement, connection, and interaction are the things that really get on their goat. (P.S. – Where did that saying come from anyway?)

If engagement and interaction are real-time struggles that you have too, let me help you with a few fun things you can do to get the most out of your words and your content across social media – and beyond. Thanks Buzz Lightyear!

  • You can do a takeover – Takeovers are very popular at the moment. Find a friend, staff
    member, celeb, or client to take over your account and do some posts and live
    videos for you, from their perspective.
  • A day in the life of – Use stories on Facebook and Insta to catalogue your life for one day and let people in on your world. They will love it.
  • Involve your business besties as much as you can – So do a shout out, use their content and share their content, and ask them to post your images to their wall, especially if you have a tangible product.
  • BTS (Behind the Scenes) – What’s happening behind the scenes of your business or life? Share a few snaps and show people what it’s really like. What does your office really look like? What cool projects are you working on right now?

    What cool projects are you working on right now that you can show off behind the scenes?

  • Do a giveaway – These drive engagement like nothing else because you are giving and people love it when you give.
  • Use more emojis – Maybe not a LinkedIn thing, but definitely an Insta and a Facebook thing. Emojis are fun! Share your favourite emoji and ask your audience to do the same.
  • Do a post on your fave letter – Ask people to tell you their fave word starting with that letter! For example, my fave letter is E, naturally because my name is Elizabeth. This was one post that went nuts on social media because it was an easy one for people to join in on.
  • Confess your sins – Well, maybe not your sins per se, but a confession post is one people love and it’s a bit fun.

Let me give you an example of the style I’m talking about.

I wrote a social media post and a blog post on this recently. It goes like this:

I have a confession… Every now and then I get lax with my content… I can’t be bothered being on social media, it takes me **time** to do Insta stories and that blog I’ve been meaning write for a year, well, it will get done “one day”. Sound familiar? I completely get the struggles of creating content. And, guess what, you are allowed to get sick of it! You can read the whole post here.

  • Share a meme or a gif – Check out Giphy for some gifs of choice and relate it back to your business and your life whenever you can.
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  • Share your fave pic – Try one of you growing up, a pic of that bad perm from the ’80s, or one of your kids, lover, or pooch. These pics always get great engagement. Remember to relate the posts back to your business in some capacity if you are posting out there on your business socials.

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