Look after yourself … a lesson learned!

As I sit here writing to you, I’m about to take some holidays!

And I’m so excited because 1). For the first time ever the business works completely without me again (we have changed a whole bunch of stuff this year!). Yay. And 2). I’m looking after myself better these days!

Looking after yourself … a lesson I’ve had to learn a couple of times!

And it was a recent question I was asked … what’s the best piece of advice you would give yourself going into business?

You are no good to your business, your team, your clients or your followers and fans if you are sick and tired. If you have a recurring illness that just won’t let up. If you exhaust yourself. If you don’t take time out for you.

So I’m taking my own advice!

The last 2 years have been the most amazing – yet the toughest – I’ve had in business.

I have pushed myself beyond what I thought capable and I’ve pushed my body too. You give so much of yourself in your business at the best of times.

This year, I’ve taken a new look at my business and my health and I’ve realised …

You can’t give so much of yourself with giving back to yourself. Put yourself first. Always. Then everything around you will grow and prosper.

The best piece of advice I’ve learned from someone about doing business…come from my “mumentor”.

My Mum said: Always remember that you are successful and brave. It takes a special type of person to leave a full-time job and start a business. It’s courageous.

Not everyone in business succeeds. We made the choice to have a better life. You could have stayed in your full-time job unhappy and miserable, but you chose a different path.

Remember the choice you made and just know that you are already successful and you are extremely brave to do this thing they call business.


The best piece of advice I can give going in the new year is…

Actually, rather than advice, I have this question for you … What risk are you going to take this year to stay relevant in 2019?

My best advice is to take a chance on that “wow” idea that will help people – and monetise it.

Too often we sit back and don’t take a risk because we are too scared that we fail. What if you succeeded and created something so impressive that it became a world first or it could help 1 million people – all because you took a chance.

Do it. Take the risk and make a change to keep your business moving in the direction that your people want.

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