Let’s talk about value and how to share it online

Do you know your content's value and worth? You should, writes Elizabeth Campbell

If you own an established business or if you are a professional who wants to start a business, sharing your worth and your value is a massive step in the right direction of MORE … more engagement, more leads, more sales, and more clients.

When I started my little business on the side, all I knew was to share stories with an editorial value simply because I was a journalist and that’s what we did.

I started with social media while I worked in the background to build my own website. Oh, you should have seen it; it was nothing special to look at. Over the years, it has grown with me and we have rebuilt it several times to keep up with that growth.

Doing this rewarded me with an abundance of work, clients, and profile-raising opportunities like speaking, interviews and media, and partnerships.

In my first 1-3 months, I created a website machine that was converting my prospects and sending me a healthy amount of online inquiries. I was having quality conversations and converting high!

In my fifth month of full-time business, one of my partners sent me a $20,000 job to be completed and paid within 3 weeks. He literally outsourced the work to me and that’s when I knew I needed a team of writers and social media managers to help.

Why? Well, because of three things:

– I knew my value and worth,

– I knew what my audience wanted, and

– I was sharing valuable information that support both of these things – AKA helpful and useful things professionals and business owners can do to get ahead.

Most importantly, I was doing that simply with content and the power and beauty of words, a website, blog, and consistent social media activity (namely Facebook and LinkedIn).

So, what is value and how do you share it?

Your value is simply your ability to understand the information and apply the experience you have from all your years of work, education, courses, coaches, loves, and conversations – and knowing how to share it so that it has an impact on your audience.

How do you find it?

I recommend sitting down with a pen a paper (or computer, phone, or tablet) and write down all the courses you have ever taken and putting a dollar value to it. Then list all of your strengths. What are you exceptional at?

After that, write down all the areas where you can help people (e.g. managing teams, starting a business, writing content, fixing a car, booking a holiday vacation, etc.) and work out what your audience specifically needs from you. Ask people if you have to. For example, when it comes to managing a team, what does your audience really want? Maybe it is how to deal with a difficult team member who is raining down the negativity and not being productive.

If that’s the case, what information and experience do you have on this subject? What have you done in the past? What would you suggest? Are there steps people can take to help their situation?

How can you do this online?

Provide tips, answer questions, give secret hacks, teach, introduce your methodology, give the steps to the thing you have that works for you, and share your stories.

Valuable content – what I call Connected Content – is the key to an online presence that showers you with leads, inquiries, and new clients.

What now?!


Our signature content creation course and online experience “Content 2 Ca$h” is ready to welcome you!

This is where you actually write your website, blog, social, newsletter, download and other connected content that truly gets you a result online.

If your goal is to get more people coming to you and more clients from your content, creating words with WOW FACTOR is where you start – and the Content 2 Ca$h course is your next step.

SUSAN, author: The clarity and focus and working with Liz was instrumental in keeping my book in the top 10 on Amazon throughout the year including No1 multiple times.

PAUL, an entrepreneur: In three months, I was on page one of Google, had All-Star profile on LinkedIn and increased my website traffic by 5x.

Calling all established businesses and professionals looking to start a business ➡➡➡ we would like to talk with you if you are an action taker, want to create content that works, are ready to step up and transform your business and your life.

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