Thank you 2020: What I loved and learned

What I loved and learned about 2020 - EC Writing Services

What I loved and learned about 2020 …I know there are a lot of posts with wins and lessons at the moment – and rightly so.

This year has been interesting, to say the least. In fact, there’s not one word that truly sums up the year that has been.

For some, it’s been amazing, while for others it’s been the year from hell. 

But here’s why I reflect and why you should too.

Reflecting on what happened during the year is therapeutic and give you space for valuable learnings because it gives you a chance to look at what you have accomplished, the wins you had, the opportunities afforded to you, and also what did work (and why) and what could have been done better or differently.

I do a month-by-month account and then I look at my products and services, where my times were spent, what I enjoyed and want to do more of and what I disliked and never want to do again (haha). Then I set up my year based on that. I work out what activities I’ll be doing and delegating, and what areas we will focus on.

Reflecting on 2020 will also help you bring closure to the year that was and I think that’s as important as any planning. 

What will you let go of from 2020?

I saw a great meme recently asking, what will you let go of from 2020 to make 2021 a better year (or something along those lines).

Such a powerful question, right? So, what will you let go of?

I’m letting go of the guilt I’ve attached to not working “harder” and being “busy”. This year, I’ve worked on my business so I only do the things I love and I’ve ended the year understanding exactly what I’ll be doing so I can continue that in 2021.

But it’s come with a guilty price tag because I’m not working around the clock and I’m not as busy – for example, I don’t log on or work every day and I have a sleep in the afternoon if I feel like it, and I start at 10 am or 11am if I want to. But at times, I feel quite anxious about not starting “work” at 9am or taking days off.

Created a holiday lifestyle and one of freedom that I felt guilty about. Well, no more!

So I’m letting go of that guilt I have put on myself for not working so hard! It’s not coming with me into 2021; it can stay right here in the history of 2020.

What will you keep bound forever in history so you can have your best year in 2021?

What I’ve loved and learned about 2020

I’ve enjoyed this year. Sure it didn’t even come close to what I thought I’d be doing but in some ways, it’s been better.

This year, like for many others, has given me room to think and be.

Time to think about what I want.

And time to commit to my freedom.

In fact, everything I ended up doing this year was about freedom.




And that’s been fantastic.

And so my world for 2021 is freedom. I’m going to commit to it even more.

This year was supposed to be one of much travel – the big lap around Australia. We should be somewhere in Western Australia or South Australia right now. 

That didn’t really happen. We did spend as much time as we could with COVID travelling around Queensland.

Anyhow, that’s our 2021 goal now! Well, head to Tasmania in January.

Another goal I reeeally wanted to test out was doing my webinar and courses from the road … really from anywhere. This meant I had to be so much more org aided than I’d been before, but I was willing to give it a go!

And so I did and it worked a treat. In fact, my two migrant webinars were from Cooktown and Winton, where I did it out in the open with cows walking through in the background.

I was so nervous that it wouldn’t look professional … I haven’t seen other people do that before. Webinars always look beautiful and have a nice ground. Mine was doing to be in drought-stricken brown country. Not like my branding at all.

But it was so much fun and so well received.

And that reminded me to be different; I don’t need to be the same as everyone else; in fact, I shouldn’t be!

This year was still about travel and freedom – just in a different way. 

It’s all part of what I loved and learned about 2020.

What I’m committing to in 2021

In 2021, I’m committing to more freedom. I’ve got the taste now and I know I can do it. 


Courses and membership and launches

Paid content and promotions

Free content that is purpose-driven for my audience

Putting more time into my profile with media


More financial freedom and daily commitment to achieving this

More travel to places I’ve never seen

  • LOVE and ME

More quality time with my husband Rafa

Dedicating time to myself and self-care

More socialising with friends and family

Daily rituals, inc journaling, meditation, and exercising

Letting go of fear and working on my fears daily when they come up so they don’t stop me from achieving more freedom in 2021.

{And mascara, I’m committing to wearing mascara (I never wear it! I have the shortest lashes in Australia so I want to grow and nurture them. Not sure why, but I’m pretty certain it’s because we have a “brows and lashes” client at the moment and she is inspiring me to have gorgeous lashes haha).}

These are the things I’ve loved and learned about 2020. What was it for you?

Happy 2021, my friend, I hope it’s filled with everything you wanted to do in 2020 and so much more.

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