Lead sentence, hook, intro: How do I write an introduction?

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What is a lead sentence? It’s the very first sentence people read when their eyes hit your content.

It’s your hook. It’s your angle. It’s your intro. 

Whatever you want to call it, your lead sentence has a VERY important job to do … its job is to capture, compel, and create more interest for your reader to keep reading.

Mess up this step and it’s like the start of a boring movie … your readers will just switch off.

Your lead sentence follows closely on the heels of the headline. But unlike a headline, you have more words to play with – up to 25-30 in fact!

HOT TIP: You have less than 10 seconds to captivate your readers’ eyeballs and glue them to your page so they keep reading. That ends up being about two succinct paragraphs

So how do the great movie directors and producers hook you in in the opening scenes of their blockbuster?

They make it memorable.

They make it compelling.

They make it emotional.

It’s intriguing and piques your interest.

Why is an opening scene important?

Why the opening is important: It contains the seeds of what is going to happen later in the play. They do this in such a way as to capture the audience’s attention and interest. (Source: RevisionWorld)

So how do you do all that in just 25-30 words?

You stand out and be different … remembering that people skim and skip over words. They will read the headline, first sentence, sub-headers and a little bit in the middle.

I like to think of quirky bits and pieces to put in my lead sentences that help my content stand out. Posing a question such as a “did you know,” attributing a  famous quote, giving a hairy statistic, sharing a hot tip, hint, or trick, or just outlining the facts. 

These are just some ways you can really capture people’s attention and give your content an edge. It will also keep people’s eyeballs moving down your page. It will help you find an angle, and then you can build from there.

Keep your lead sentence strong and engaging. Ask yourself, would I keep reading this story?

What’s an angle: Hook them in with your lead sentence

Your angle is simply the way in which you hook your readers, the way newspapers and magazines do. It captures people’s eyeballs and makes them want to keep reading.

Angles are best served juicy. So how do you choose an angle?

Well, it’s usually leading with the best bit of your content, like the most shocking/surprising/interesting/entertaining part. Ask yourself, what is it about this information that my readers really need to know … as in yesterday?

Here are 10 different lead sentences you can use to hook your audience.

  1. Confession
  2. Statistic
  3. Fast fact
  4. Quote
  5. Hack
  6. Truth bomb
  7. Hot tip
  8. Problem
  9. Impact statement
  10. Story

Word Styling Step: Ready to write some introductions for your copy?

  • Confession:  What was a massive error or mistake you made when you were just starting out?
  • Conversation: What was the last conversation you had with a client? How did it go? What questions did they ask? 
  • Did you know: Share an uncommon fact that people wouldn’t know.
  • Statistics: Jump on to the Australian Bureau of Statistics or the source in your country and type in a few keywords. Alternatively, google your topic + statistics + your country. For example: “business growth statistics Australia”.
  • Quotes: Do the same with quotes. When I’m looking for a quote I jump on to google and search my topic + inspirational + quotes. For example: “Business strategy inspirational quotes”. You can also swap “inspirational” for “motivational”.

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