Brand personality – what does that mean?

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There’s never been a better time to inject some personality and pizzazz into your brand.

Justin McGurgan

Boss at Zealifi

Justin McGurgan is the owner and managing director of Zealifi. After 30 years in hospitality (pubs, clubs and casino), he is still 101 per cent driven to build a superlative service culture. Justin is a consultant, problem-solver and trainer but, above all, he’s a leader with a genuine desire to make the industry profitable, impressive and a source of truly fantastic experiences for everyone it touches.

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What’s the story behind the rebranding of Zealifi? 

It was to re-position us out of a crowded training company marketplace. We wanted to create our own position in the market, still a training company but in a different space to all others. We are shining the light on ‘service culture’ and therefore a boring RTO name, language and website just wouldn’t cut it.

What is the goal of your new look and feel website?

To be warm and engaging, and written in a language that new entrants and industry veterans alike will smile at when they read it. We want it to remind people why we are in the hospitality industry and that is because it is meant to be fun and make people happy.

What’s the number one message in your website content?

That we passionately believe in the “hospitality” of the hospitality industry.

Your content uses a different tone and style to most, was that your aim?

Yes, warm, friendly, engaging, quirky and fun. That’s how we want to be perceived as a business.

How has the site and rebrand been received by your customers? 

Great. Everyone I have spoken to loves the language and feel of it. Only good comments so far.

You had the content writing outsourced…what steps did you take to make sure this happened effectively and you got what you needed?

We engaged a branding company to help us with the total rebrand, which included the new website. I wanted to make sure the brand language was protected. They used a copywriter for some of the content. The branding company had a meeting with my business partner and I, and our whole team separately, to really understand who we were and how we felt about our industry. We have an awesome team and they were a huge part of it.

justin-2How did you brief the writer?

The briefing came from them after they had sucked our brains dry. They created a wall full of words that we felt described us and then articulated that into a brief that they and the copywriter followed.

Are you happy with your web content?

Love, love, love it.

What’s your number one tip when it comes to online content that benefit other small businesses?

We can’t teach anyone anything in regards to online content. I will say make sure you know what your brand personality is and make sure your website reflects it on
every page.


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