Content on a budget: The step-by-step process to planning your content

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Planning your 2020 content: When you’re planning and writing your content, there’s one very easy rule that many business owners overlook.

The KISS Rule. Keep it simple stupid, sweetheart!

Are you kissing your content? Now, I can’t take credit for those words, they have been around for forever and a day.

But I tell you what, if you have a marketing and content budget and your content gets out of hand and it’s far from “simple” – it’s going to end up costing you time and money, not to mention your audience just won’t get it.

I’ve been there before and it’s not pretty. It’s disheartening.

Only your insights, engagement and ROI can tell you if you are kissing your content.

So let me ask you this: Is your content to the point and simple? Or is it a thesaurus of words that your audience really isn’t getting. You might also be using industry jargon or you’re being too “academic”.

It’s another thing to be clever with your words, but I have to talk with my clients all the time about using industry-speak or being too academic.

Online content is not like that. It’s conversational. It’s to the point. It gives details to educate. It can be funny.

So, how do you do that exactly? 

Well, simply, it needs to be planned that way. It’s the best way to get the most out of your words and bang for your buck online!

Here is my step-by-step process to planning out your content for 2020:

Go back to basics

EC Writing Services – Content Basics

Look at your message, target audience, content funnel, topics and Wow Words™.

Is everything still in alignment and bang on for you and your audience? Or has it gone astray a little because your business changed or taken another direction or EXPLODED?

Use my model as a guide.

Look at your topics more deeply

Is your content strategically written? Does it all funnel into the place you want people to be (for example, on your email list, following you on social media, buying from you, and so on)? 

What can you let go of, what do you want to start, what do you need revisit? Have a look at the social posts, blogs, newsletters and content that did really well. Check your insights. Check your conversion rates. Heck, check the comments and messages from people. What are they saying?

Plan out the next 12 months of your marketing

It is a guide and doesn’t have to be in-depth, but you need to know where you are going and what you will work on. Add your product launches, workshops, new services, new content (for example, a podcast or a free download like an ebook).

Add in holidays, public holidays, school holidays, your time off, travelling, birthdays and other family events as best you can.

Work our tour content non-negotiables

EC Writing Services – Content Non-negotiables

If you do nothing else, what are the bare essentials you will do every week?

  • Weekly blog
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Social media: Facebook posts and 3x lives, Instagram posts, 1x live and 1x video, and LinkedIn posts and 1x blog post.

Break it up into three-month blocks

Now it’s time to plan your next 3 months with a proper content strategy.

Map out the types of content you will be doing, get the topics and headlines together for content such as blogs, videos and newsletters. Look at your social media plan, topics and formula you will use from Monday to Friday. Also do this for your stories and lives.

Get it into a project manager so you can be organised

Use a project manager like Asana or Trello, or just the calendar on your phone. Set the time aside now to work on your Content Plan for 2020, so you don’t get to January 1 and realise – OMG!

Commit to it

Successful business owners commit to their content like they commit to growing their business – because they see it as the main way to build trust, get engagement, grow their list and grow their business.

Content is a commitment and if you can’t commit to it then you need someone to commit to it for you. 

Either get someone on your team to do or outsource the task. If it’s not in your budget to outsource, then the other option is to learn the skills yourself. Do a course or get a mentor and practice, test and measure. The investment of time, money and energy will be worth it when you see the results from your commitment

Wow Words course - EC Writing Services

Next logical steps

  • If your writing skills are holding your business back – it’s time to acknowledge it.
  • If you’re saying you’re not a good writer, you don’t know how to write, it’s not working for me – it’s time to find the solution.
  • If you want more from your marketing efforts in 2020 – it’s time to take action.

If you’re happy where you are – that’s OK.

But if you are ready to learn a skill that will help grow your business from every angle in 2020 – CONTENT WRITING IS IT!

Why? Because there’s only going to be more of a focus on online content and social media in 2020 (and beyond).

If you want the solution – I have it for you.

If you need help – simply go, find the person who can help you and just do it! You can have and do anything you want. If you want to learn this new skill or get a better result from your time, money and energy – you can do it!

If you’d like to hone your content writing skills so that your words wow and get you the results you desire, check out our Wow Words content planning and writing course. 

>>>> It is a complete content strategy course that you can duplicate for any content project to quickly plan and write share-worthy, clickable content that gets you engagement and converts into leads and clients.

I am using this exact strategy for a new content project I am working on right now.


Let’s work together. Here’s the link to all the information you need to transform your content and your business.

See you in there


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