Business owners! Are you having trouble keeping your cool during the pandemic?

Business owners! Are you having trouble keeping your cool during the pandemic?| EC Writing Services

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson, Actor

Ever since the ruthless pandemic decided to take over the world without warning, business owners have been holding their breath. 

The perplexity of the situation has brought an odd sense of fear among all growing entrepreneurs. This devastating feeling has made it hard for many to cope with the changing world.

If you’re among the ones grappling with the reverberations of the pandemic, I’m sure you can relate.

I don’t know about you, but the COVID pandemic has left me tired and overwhelmed – to the point where I couldn’t stand being in the business. 

It was so time-consuming and stressful and I had been working around the clock (a bad habit I picked up from being in iso) that I had let the current situation affect me – and I felt like screaming … I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

I knew what had to be done if I had to stay sane and survive this madness – take some time off, unplug from the world, do more of what makes me happy and truly rejuvenate. 

This had to be done not only for my welfare, but also for my business’s growth.

The pandemic has affected the lives and livelihoods of many people around the globe. Many who now work from home are some of the worst hit as they try to strike a balance between personal and professional, manage longer work hours and a lack of the opportunities to switch off.
No matter what the situation is, it doesn’t negate the fact that you must try and find time unwind and unplug – at any time.

No matter what kind of obstacles are in your way, the key is to keep moving forward and stay refreshed and consistent in what you are doing.

A pandemic survival kit for business owners

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden, Basketball Coach

Here are a few things you need to know before moving forward.

Never forget why you started in the first place: As hard as it may be for you right now, never let anything overpower the reason why you decided to be a business owner in the first place. Sometimes you end up feeling so overwhelmed that you just want to quit.

But you need to remind yourself of the bigger and better things waiting for you and to grab hold of those thoughts. You need to have faith in your business even on the worst of days. Facing challenging situations is a part of life and your entrepreneurial journey. 

MANTRA: This too shall pass.

Connect with fellow business owners: There are thousands of other small business owners facing the same battles as you – and wanting to survive and thrive. The best way to keep up is to stay in touch with your fellow business buddies and talk openly with them. Connect with them on a deeper level and find out what they’re doing to get through the tough times. Many discussion groups out there give you a space to share, ask and provide ideas and support.

MANTRA: I will be OK.

Tweak your business plan: Pivoting takes effort but has to be done when the time is right and the situation calls for it. Maybe that time is now! Every other business has stepped up to do it, what about you? 

If you’ve done your homework and know what you’re getting into, brace yourself for an incredible journey towards success. Times have changed and it’s best to update your ways based on the new normal. 

MANTRA: I’m already successful, I can do this too!

Take a break: Working tirelessly for too long will drain all your energy and you’ll eventually end up feeling low and ready to scream (like I was). This usually happens when you’re unable to think with a clear mind because of the constant stress and worry. Being a workaholic is never the solution.

Your mental health and your business needs some time off to relax. Everyone needs a change of environment after some time and that is exactly what you need to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the unsought pressure. Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you!

MANTRA: Rest and rejuvenation will help me achieve a greater impact

Stay positive: It is essential to maintain composure and redirect your focus towards actions that make you feel elated and positive. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, don’t let it impact you negatively and keep away from situations that can trigger high blood pressure. As Dalai Lama once said, “In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.”

MANTRA: I choose to stay positive and optimistic and turn my challenges into opportunities.

Enjoy the climb – don’t dread it

There’s a lot more to this pandemic than just a health and economic crisis. As we try to live the “new normal” in the best possible ways and stay grateful for what we do have, we can’t ignore the problems that exist. We just need to be on the front foot to overcome them quickly, while also looking after ourselves.

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