Is your social media working for you?

Where to start when it comes to your content journey!

It’s one of the biggest problems that I find people have. The thing they say to me is, “my social media is just not working”. Are you asking the same question?

Typically, it will come down to your content. What sort of content are you putting on social media? Is it all about your business and what you do? Is it about what you sell and what you offer?  What events you’re running? What workshops are you hosting?

Or do you have some little bit of personal information in there about you?

You know the old saying, we like to work with people we like and trust. It’s a cliché, and we don’t really love them as writers but they ring some true!

So if you’ve ever had this thought of your social media not working. I bet it will come down to a couple of things … today I will focus on your content.

 But first, some tips…

I want to share a couple of tips on what you can actually do to get your content working for you so you get more engagement.

Engagement is actually what people mean when they say their social media is not working:

  • “I’m not getting any engagement”

  • “It’s not getting any results for me”

  • “I’m just the same as everyone else”

It can come down to a couple of things, such as how often you are posting?

If you’re posting only once a month, people will forget all about you and even if you exist. When are you posting, what days and what times? How often are you going on each platform?

What are you actually talking about on social media, while working your content? Are you talking to your “Business Bestie” audience, do you know what they want from you, or are you just stabbing in the dark?

Having a solid plan helps you create content that your “Business Besties” really want to hear from you or want to know from you.

  1. Share something personal

We’ll start with a question, when was the last time you put out a bit of a personal post on your business platform? Your social media, such as you your Facebook or Linkedin page. People really love these.

My first tip is to go post something a little bit personal that you know your readers or audience will really resonate with. Love is life, like I say. It’s one of the biggest things we need in our life; it’s love and connection and knowing we are loved.

  1. What does your “Business Bestie” want from you?

The second thing I want to focus on is your “wow” words and if your social media is working. Do you know exactly what your target market wants from you? I call these your business besties.

I know a lot of people have trouble getting engagement on their posts. This might be posts in groups, Linkedin, Instagram or even on a personal page.

Even getting people to reply to emails or getting comments on their blogs, or social media,  can be very difficult for some people.

I ask you, do you know what they want? Do you think you know, but not sure?

My best tip is to simply ask them. Ask your very best clients.

Why do you they like you? What do you give them that they need from you? What is something that you really gave them that they were having trouble with and it solved that issue? What was the outcome for them? What did they get that was so much more than what they thought they were getting?

About 95 per cent of what we do comes down to our content or our words. Then promotion or somehow getting ourselves out there; being noticed or memorable. We are always trying to stay ahead of the game that way.

  1. What topics are your talking about?

Think about the topic and content your actually putting out there. Are you giving some tips? Are you giving some stats? Are you sharing your blog posts or cool videos? Are you sharing some personal information about yourself?

Anything such as your family, your anniversary, your wins. For example, are you moving houses? Do you exercise in the morning? What is your #1 health tip for people?

When you know these things about your business besties, you can share things that you’ve have done already.

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