How to improve your time management skills and be your own boss

How to improve your time management skills and be your own boss| EC Writing Services

“Procrastination is the thief of time” – Charles Dickens, Author

That clock on your wall might stop ticking, but we all know time doesn’t stop for anyone. 

That being said, it comes as no surprise how significant time management skills really are for every one of us. If you crave success in your lifetime, you cannot ignore the fact that your time is precious and demands to be spent wisely. 

Charting out goals to achieve your dreams is one thing, but staying on top of how you manage your time to actually make it happen is a whole other story. 

DID YOU KNOW: Research shows:

  • 43% of small business owners spend more than six hours every week on social media. (Hubspot)     
  • 33% say scheduling time for emails helps to improve productivity. (Pulse Survey)  
  • 78% of people say flexible working improves their productivity. (Business Insider)

Here’s what you can do to get on your feet and start working like a responsible adult!

8 tips to beat procrastination and maximise your day

  1. Plan ahead: How do you think successful leaders prevent burn out? Among a few tricks up their sleeve, they plan ahead of time. Identify the tasks at hand, break it up into smaller chunks and prioritise.  
  2. Use social media wisely: One of the pitfalls of social media is how it swallows up your time as you scroll away for hours without realising the damage it causes to productivity. But to shut yourself out is also not the solution to the problem. Instead, reserve it for breaks during a work day or in your leisure time.
  3. Make lists: A huge workload usually pushes us to put off work. To tackle this challenge, organise your work day, jot down important tasks that need your immediate attention and create to-do lists. Apps like Trello and Asana let you do this best! There’s no better feeling than checking off all the tasks before going to bed, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. Stick to one task at a time: Many of us take pride in the ability to multitask. But what you probably didn’t know is it actually leads to almost a 40% drop in productivity (Harvard Business Review). Don’t be surprised if your chaotic brain ends up finding the next best way to procrastinate instead. It’s always a good idea to focus on one task and get it done rather than working on six tasks which remain a work in progress for hours.

  5. Take regular breaks: “I can’t afford to take a break right now!” is something you have probably exclaimed in the past. But the next time your friend, family or a colleague tries to get you out of your chair for a coffee break – go for it. To produce high-quality work, stay focussed and accomplish more, give yourself the break that you truly deserve.

  6. Set realistic goals: Time and again we have heard these wise words from successful leaders – set achievable goals. Remember to stay realistic rather than defying the purpose of your goal by overburdening yourself with too many things to accomplish on an average work day. Think about it… you know how much you can actually get done in a day, so don’t overestimate.

  7. Stay positive: Have you ever wondered maybe it is a mindset problem? Sometimes, a positive attitude is all you need to keep moving forward and knock down hiccups. Reinforce positive thoughts all around you, at your workspace, with the people in your life and your daily habits. Just stop worrying and train yourself to stay happy and content.

  8. Leverage the power of rewards: Reward yourself during the process and after you achieve your set goals. Even if it’s something as small as an episode of your favorite season or your favorite ice-cream, you will feel a renewed sense of happiness, vigour and a drive to succeed. Moreover, such positiveA positive energy can also keep your mental health in check during these troubling times.

Start with these tips to tailor time management skills based on your needs to become more productive, and truly feel accomplished. 

Beat procrastination your way

It’s not breaking news that procrastination comes in many disguises and we fall prey to it at one time or another. This unfortunate habit can be avoided when you take the first step to what triggers such behavior, admit that you need a change of ways and devise effective ways to stop falling into the proverbial rabbit hole.

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