I struggled BIG TIME to publish my new divorce book

The Divorce Diary ... a Business Woman's survival guide ... Elizabeth Campbell, EC Writing Services - divorce book

DIVORCE BOOK … Today, as we put the final touches on the cover of my new book, The Divorce Diary, I’m truly reminded how much my life has changed in the last 5 years … and how much I’ve changed as a person too.


5 years ago: Left my full-time job to start my content writing business.

4 years ago: Left my toxic relationship and marriage.

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3 years ago: Finally divorced, living with my parents (and loving it) and building my business up again…I was going to do what I wanted.

2 years ago: Grew the heck out of my profile, started running events and workshops. It was one of my best years in business.

1 year ago: Astronomical growth in the business again, I met the love of life, have my business on track for more massive growth and am living my #wowlife


Today, I can’t believe how far I’ve come!


So this month my beautiful divorce book is printed and we launch.




Getting The Divorce Diary out there has been a struggle in itself … because of me.


And for no other reason than I was scared. I moved the book launch date twice and put it off for 12 months!


Granted I was busy, but I was also so fearful.


I was so worried about it not relating to my business, what people would think, what my ex-husband would do, what my friends would say.


I agonised over whether to even launch it after I wrote it.


Honestly, I didn’t realise how many blocks I still had over it.


But not any more.


Now, I’m 1 million per cent ready to share my story with you about being a start-up business in my first 12 months of operation and deciding I wanted more from life, which meant leaving my marriage.


So, here are  my top 3 fears busted:

  1. I was so worried about it not relating to my business – this book is my story and I’m always teaching anyone who will listen to share their story. This is the story I had to tell. And anyway, I have a writing business and this the ultimate writing assignment.


  1. What people would think – I know the people who need a hand in this area will benefit from this book and will be there on the night if they can. What other people think is really none of my business anyway. I know what the book will mean to people. It’s the self-help book I couldn’t find at the time and so I wrote it for myself and for those who need it most.


  1. What my ex-husband and friends would do or say – The people most important people to me will be there on the night or in spirit if they can’t get there. Plus I’ve always got stacks of great feedback on social media for the book concept and now the launch, and the actual physical product will blow your mind. My new husband, gorgeous Raf, is very proud of me, and so are my friends and family! And you know what, I am proud of me too!


So if you are a small business owner who is also experiencing separation and divorce (or just a bad day in business!) and you want to keep and grow your business in your time of stress, this divorce book is for you.


Get your copy of The Divorce Diary here.


Join us at the book launch here, we’d love to see you there!

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