How to write unforgettable content

How to write unforgettable content

Give your words the Hollywood-movie feel with these secret tricks

Unforgettable, that’s what you are.

Like the lyrics from the famous Nat King Cole song, your content can also be “unforgettable in every way”.

The Oxford dictionary says the word unforgettable means “impossible to forget; very memorable. For example, “that unforgettable first kiss”.

And it’s the makings of every Hollywood blockbuster… a memorable movie!

Unforgettable content is impressive, it’s memorable and it resonates… when these three power words come together they create magic.

The word from Buffer: The internet is becoming increasingly cluttered. In 2005, we were reportedly exposed to over 3500 brand messages a day. Nowadays, that figure is closer to 10,000 (if not already higher).

5.3 trillion display ads are shown online each year, 400 million Tweets sent daily, and 4.75 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every day.” (Buffer)

So how do you stand out, cut through that noise and allow the people who matter to see your messages?

With an unforgettable Hollywood blockbuster of your own!

So what are the elements of a Hollywood movie and how can you replicate them into your very own unforgettable content?

Well, think about your absolute all-time favourite movie… what is it? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!

For argument’s sake, let’s choose Dirty Dancing!

Ha! Because that is my favourite movie!

Now think about all the parts you love… (I’m sure you have seen at least once!).

In Dirty Dancing, I love that it’s summertime and there’s fun and mischief to get up to.

There’s the story of growth and growing up and learning to stand on your own two feet.

There’s a love story. There’s the bad boy. There’s a fight. There’s a villain or a couple of them and there are lies and deceit.

Then there’s the dancing itself and one-liners like “No one puts Baby in the corner!” and “I carried a watermelon”.

Creating Hollywood-blockbuster unforgettable content

  1. Theme and topics: All great movies have a strong theme. And so should your content. What are you trying to say? What do you really want to share? What’s your angle and message?

The theme of this article is creative writing and having fun with your content because there’s so much content out there and I want your words to stand out and be the best!

  • The story: A Hollywood movie has a solid storyline, it’s structured and even though there will surely be a plot twist, by the end you get it, but it was the storyline that kept you hanging.

Unforgettable content also tells a story in a logical order or it shares stories and anecdotes to draw people in.

  • There’s a hero: The person who is going to swoop in and save the day. In Dirty Dancing that’s the swoon-worthy Johnny (Patrick Swayze).

Who is the hero in your story? Now, for online content, it doesn’t have to be anyone famous but you could include a statistic, quote, facts, research or tips from an expert in your industry. And yes, you could include someone famous – why not, this is your unforgettable content remember!

  • The villain: Every good movie has a villain, someone who tries to sabotage the happy ending.

In your content, the villain might be something people don’t want to hear/read … a reality or truth. It could also be a massive problem, challenge or obstacle people have that’s getting in the way of their success.

And looking at it from a different point of view, the villain might be you! If you are putting out boring copy or not being consistent or regular, then that’s villainous!

  • The heroine: In this case, it’s Baby in Dirty Dancing.

With your content, I would add some emotion to your unforgettable content… use emotive and feminine words; be vulnerable as well. Share your own problems, stories, mistakes and problems. Allow people to relate to you personally.

  • The showdown: There’s always a confrontation.

In your content, this showdown is the solution and the overall steps, what you propose people can do and how it will help. This is going to support your readers, helping them break through the issue they are having.

So now you have some food for thought. What’s going to make your next piece of content different?

The magic is in the structure

I was working through a training with Ryan Deiss recently when he said: “The magic is in the structure”.

And it gave me the goosebumps because so many people I talk with want the structure. They just want to know how to write quickly and easily.

Unless you are an awesome content writer or copywriter, many business owners struggle with writing amazing content.

This is not their fault, it’s a skill, and it’s a skill I’ve built over time, through copious hours of studying and perfecting, and being grilled by editors and manager to get it right.

However, when you have a structure and examples to go by, it makes the process a heck of a lot easier, hence, the magic is in the structure.

  • Having a structure saves time, the biggest issues business owners have.
  • It also limits mistakes because you have a framework to go by.
  • It makes it easy for you to think and work out what you want to put into your piece of content.
  • It will help organise your ideas and get your content into a logical order that your readers will understand easily.
  • It helps you to set the scene and get your points across – so you don’t forget anything.

How to get more from your content – content upgrades!

Take your content a step further and upgrade it … just like McDonald’s has the “value meal” upgrade, you can also do this with your content (minus the chips, burger and drink!).

So let’s get back to our Hollywood examples … if you want to write content with a Hollywood-movie feel that’s action-packed, star-studded and award-winning, upgrade it!

Instead of writing a blog or website page and leaving it at that, you can upgrade it and restyle it into a video, podcast or download.

A content upgrade – like you would upgrade your seats on a plane from economy to business class or even first-class – aims to give your audience an even better experience.

But they “pay” a little bit more for it like you would when you upgrade your seat on the plane.

Your audience simply pays with an email address.

So you can upgrade their experience with a PDF download, video series, audio series, cheat sheet, swipe file, proven framework, information guide, white paper, webinar, recorded training … the list is honestly endless and only limited by your imagination!

Through your piece of content, for example, a blog, you can give your audience opportunities to upgrade their content experience with you with one of these extra pieces of content.


The only thing you need to work on now is how to get smarter with your content writing so it saves you time and you start to get a better result.

Writing unforgettable content and giving your audience content upgrades are two ways of doing this to help your audience and also help grow your profile and business with more opportunities, leads and new clients.

My content upgrade gift for you

You fail only if you stop writing and creating content!

Content marketing is basically the only form of marketing that exists now.

The Content Marketing Institute reports a whopping 91 per cent of B2B (business to business) marketers use content marketing to reach customers.

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If you are not posting frequently. It’s time for change.

If you don’t believe you can write. It’s time for change.

If your content is boring or you’re not getting results. It’s time for change.

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