How to write meaningful content for your audience

How to write meaningful content

I wrote a social post on my business Facebook page that went a bit nuts this
week. Lots of engagement, lots of comments and likes and lots of people messaging

post even sparked new clients.

it also lured people out from the shadows to leave a comment on the various
points I made!

what the heck was this post about – I hear you ask. And what on earth did I say
that got such a response and enthusiastic engagement?

me tell you what it was about and why it had such an impact on people – and then
I’ll share some tips with you on what you can to do increase your chances of more
engagement, inquiries and sales from a post.

boils down to two words – meaningful content.

is meaningful content that delivers the results you crave as a business owner –
more leads and sales.

the actual post talked about a new podcast I was listening to, the best quote I’d
ever heard, a personal story and a piece of advice in the podcast that I
elaborated on.

style of social post actually had seven points that people could latch on to as
they were consuming.

Here’s a breakdown of what I touched

  • The new podcast by Jay

    pop culture, which is always engaging because so many other people like it.
  • Dating – I know a lot of my
    target audience are single and every single person wants dating advice on how
    to meet the one whether they admit it or not!
  • My learnings – People love
    understanding what others are learning and how it is helping them.
  • The best quote I have
    ever heard

    – “No decision is permanent, you can always change your
    mind”. BAM. Justification just died.
  • A short story why I chose
    love over my business

    – everyone loves a good love story! Plus it’s personal and personal gets the
  • A question – I asked people to have
    a look at something they needed to change in their life. It’s thought provoking
    and motivating for the reader.
  • A personal pic – I shared an image that
    was taken a few days before of Raf and I at the park after breakfast.

So in this one post, there were seven points waiting to grab your attention. Now, you might have resonated with one, some or all of them.

that’s the meaningful content right there – it is original because it came from
the heart, it connected and compelled people to want to comment and it left
them feeling something – confident, happy and content, empowered, warm and
fuzzy or just understood.

NOTE: You can read the full post here. While you’re there give me a like and write a comment!

So how do you WRITE meaningful content?

that is another story so let me share some tips with you.

1. Make sure the content you create will help your reader

The primary purpose of creating a meaningful post should always be to help your business besties (aka your target audience). Provide answers that can end their struggles, share a story that will make you more human, or ask a powerful question.

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2. Understand what grabs their attention

you know your audience, you can quickly and easily write content that they will
feast on. If they like short and sharp posts, give them that. If they like
emotional stories, give them that. If they like personal pics of you and your partner,
or with your dog, post those. Maybe it’s emojis that gets them in or memes?

FACT: I know we get the most engagement
from selfies and pics of Raf and I. I know my audience likes a mix of content –
checklists, stories, tips. I know they love to know when I’ve made a mistake,
had a down day or learned a big lesson! You know why? I ask them and watch my metrics
– and people also tell me, like in the social post this week.

3. Write as you speak

Make sure that when you are writing your content, you are putting your heart and soul into it. More simply write the way you speak – this will help build a connection when you do videos or you speak in public or are at networking events. Just be you and don’t try to sound more intelligent or funny than you already are. People love you for you!

4. Take your audience on the journey

Show the journey, not just the destination. It’s true, we love seeing people win at life and business, but it’s also refreshing to know everyone makes mistakes. It’s comforting to know that we all have the same issues, just on different scales. And it’s interesting for people to see your journey and how you have grown and evolved. It connects us on a deeper level.


So, my friend, I hope you have taken some meaning from this post today. It was a joy to write and share with you.

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