Is your content chatty, cool and consistent?

How to write consistently great content

How to write content that rocks … check in with these simple questions below after you write a piece.

This is a checklist we use for our clients’ content and also our own here at EC Writing Services. So I hope it helps you take your writing to the next level.


– Do you ask questions in your content?

– Is your content like having a conversation with you?

– Is there a connection? Can you feel it in your stories?


– Are you sharing quality information?

– Is it credible?

– Are you teaching your audience something?


– Is your content well structured?

– Easy to read? Formatted?

– Free of errors?

  • COOL

– Is it fun?

– Is it entertaining?

– Does it have ‘word style’?


– Are you doing all of this each and every time?

– In all areas of my content?

And if you need a hand..

We can probably help you! Our new service the Brand Angels (that’s a content writer in common speak) are helping people all over the world write their blog and social content. We can also post it on your behalf.

Your own Brand Angel can help take some of the pressure off you. We can write 3 blogs a month for you and 13 strategic social posts.

Let’s do this! Talk to us about what you need and let’s get you a Brand Angel today, so your content is continually going out and you’re being strategic about it too!

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