Build confidence and write connected content

How to write connected content easily

Building confidence: Did you know, the word ‘strengths’ is the longest word in the English language with just one vowel?

I love sharing these fun facts with you – first, because I generally learn something new and, second, because it gives us a chance to connect.

I was talking to one of my VAs today, and we were, for argument’s sake, talking about one of my “strengths”… my ability to make room in my brain for more information after a quick content dump. The thing is, once it’s gone – it’s pretty much gone forever and you’ll have to remind me what we were talking about five minutes later.

I think others call that a Dory memory! #findingnemo

Anyway, I call it a strength, once it’s out, there’s room for new and exciting information and it usually means I’ve taken action.

Talking about strengths – building rapport with people and connecting easily is one of the biggest strengths you can have in business.

Building a connection through your writing is a much-needed skill when you are in business – and it’s something you can do within your content too.

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In fact, there are 4 significant content types of copy you must write:

  • Value Content
  • Promo Content
  • Results-based Content
  • Entertaining Content

Writing connected content may not come easily to you, so here are 3 hot tips to writing connected content and building confidence that you can easily implement today.

Facts and stats:

Find and share fun facts about your industry or yourself. You can also use data and statistics to make your point more relevant.

Tips and teaching:

Recipes, tips, resources and how-tos are easy ways to show what you know in a meaningful (and connected) way.

Stories and images:

Connecting with people over stories is by far the easiest way to communicate and connect. When we share a story, we connect on a deeper level. It’s up to you how personal you get, but from experience the more personal and emotional you get, the deeper the connection and the higher the engagement! Add a picture to that and – WOW – your content connection rating will go through the roof!

Now, if connecting through content is not your strong point, it might have something to do with your content confidence, that is, not having the confidence to put yourself out there through your content.

It’s a very real thing and many business owners – even established ones – struggle with this.

And you know what it comes down to? Courage … and taking little steps with your content each day to put yourself out there in front of more people.

Here are some other things you can do to grow your content confidence:

  1. Create: Just keep creating content and putting it out on a regular (daily) basis. This will help you understand what your audience wants from you and what you enjoy creating too.
  2. Team: Get the right people around you. One of our clients gets us to edit her content because English is her second language and she was worried her content wasn’t good enough. By investing in this service, she is now more confident in putting her content out there and she is also getting better at writing too. It’s beautiful to watch.
  3. Learn: Learn the art of content writing and creation and increase your skills in this area. This will build confidence. So many of our Wow School Global clients feel more confident and comfortable in putting themselves out there in their content and what they stand for that their content brims with connectedness – and they get results too.
  4. Believe: It’s time to believe in yourself … you know your industry, you’ve got this. You have skills and experience that no one else has, and it’s time to show your potential clients what they are missing out on by not working with you. Believe in yourself and your business, and you will be creating connected content in no time at all.

On that note, I have something for you that will help in all of the said areas and also to build confidence: A way to build your skills!

Join the Writing For Results copywriting course

Are you feeling less-than-confident when it comes to your writing skills?

Gah! It’s a toxic feeling that can plague any business owner. You feel stuck, frustrated, discouraged, anxious (and any other ill feeling you’re having right now!).

I can relate to what you are feeling; I’ve been there and so have hundreds of other business owners we’ve worked with.

The truth is, content takes time and effort – and not all content works the way you want it to.

But it is a skill that you can master with the right tools, templates, and mentorship. I promise!

This is what one of our Wow School Global students, shared about our self-paced course: “I would highly recommend Liz, as The Word Stylist, who keeps it real and easy to understand. She’s generous and knows how to get you excited to get those results. Before I started this course (Writing For Results), I was struggling to find ways to come up with engaging content. I now have so much clarity and am creating content easily. I’m loving working with Liz and so glad I joined Wow School. Best investment I’ve ever made. Thanks Liz!” Dee Wells, Soul Whispers by Dee

Would you like the strategies to help your content writing journey too?

Join my Writing For Results course now and learn how to write content that gets results.

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