How to write better content than your competitors!

How to write better content than your competitors | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Writing better content: Have you ever looked at one of your competitor’s blogs or websites and thought: ‘OMG, that’s amazing, why can’t mine be like that?’ 

They’ve completely got it together. There’s heaps of cool info all the time and people are commenting and sharing it. They look good online. Their content is just, well, AWESOME!

Let me tell you a secret…I will guarantee they were once in your position. They felt overwhelmed, had a poor online presence, and were probably getting very few leads from their website. They would have been looking at their competitor’s website thinking the same thing as you – how can I write better content?

Sound familiar?

So, this is how you redeem yourself…

Just write.

Seriously, just get in and start writing and uploading cool content too. Just do it. Commit to being better and commit to writing better content.

In the words of actor Rob Schneider, from the movie Waterboy: Small business owners, “you can do it”. You can write that blog, social post, LinkedIn profile, website page. You can! You’ve got this.

Sure, I get that you are not as confident as you’d like to be, but if there is one sure-fire way to build your confidence, it’s to get really good at doing something. And the way you get great at doing something is to practice, practice, practice!

What’s more, there’s actually no right way to write. Yes, there are certain elements you need to know about, like structure, keywords, topics your audience will love, and formatting – and I can certainly teach you that. But, really, it comes down to having the confidence to just … do … it.

So in this post, I’d love to share with you, How to write better content than your competitors!

  1. My first tip is to work out your content writing plan of attack. Topics, audience, Wow Words, keywords, how you will link your content back to your business goals.
  2. Secondly, just write – and don’t stop…ever!

The end.

Just kidding, here are the other 5 hot tips:

  1. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, but get it “perfect enough”. You will learn from your mistakes. Learning curves are good things!
  2. Be proud of what you have written. You are a small business writer now, my friend. You can do this! Not everyone writes and not everyone has the courage to put their pen to paper, ah, fingers to keyboard. Others find excuses or procrastinate. Don’t worry, I do too, a little! But you – you are doing it. You are a word stylist!
  3. Stand out. I believe in always putting a piece of you in everything you write. This makes it real and personal so your readers can get to know the face behind the business and you can start to build a connection and trust. After all, people buy people and you have a better chance of building a relationship with your audience (and potential customers!) if people can relate to you.
  4. Believe in what you are writing. Know your subject matter and have an opinion. Writing is heaps of fun, as is content in general! It is a record of your journey, so become a leader, thought provoker, and expert. Solve your reader’s problems and share your knowledge. Just by doing this you will start to write better content.
  5. Then share your words with the world! Your social platforms, employees, colleagues, acquaintances, clients, friends and family. Get it out there. You will be surprised what it does for your confidence, especially when people start commenting on how great the information is that you are sharing. Of course, some people may disagree. And that’s perfectly OK. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you may even learn something yourself!

These are the makings of great content that rocks and gets results. Don’t sweat it if you are not confident in your content writing abilities, just give it a go anyway. The results may surprise you.

Ready to learn how to write better content more confidently?

Would you like to get better writing habits and write online content that actually works? Like, it really gets you the results you desire? Of course you do!

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How to write better content than your competitors | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global
How to write better content than your competitors | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

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