How to treat your content like your one true love

Fall in love with your content, by The Word Stylist Elizabeth Campbell

Content love: Writing content can be such an emotional activity that a lot of content creators find it difficult to let go of their work once it is completed.

That’s because your content comes from you and it’s special. This is part of the reason why you should make sure you treat it like your one true love, be kind to your words and only do good things with your talent – and, yes, you have talent!

So in the name Valentine’s Day … Here are some ways to ensure that your content is coming straight from the heart and be the best there is:

1. Find your own voice

Be passionate about what you are writing about. Only then will you be able to find the creativity you need to create content that your Business Besties will love forever.

Caring about your content helps you take the required time to find out what you need to say and how you would like to say it.

2. Write words that nurture and help

What is the point of words if they do not edify, nurture and help to pass along important messages? What are you trying to say? Are your words powerful enough to elicit emotions and reaction?

It is important to write with conviction and a desire to tell a story that inspires. A big part of this is writing when it means more than just words to you, this way you create content that is powerful enough to help people get through situations, solve problems and even nurture those discouraged to keep pushing on.

3. Write patiently and without rushing

Every piece of content is like a work of art and people can tell when it has been rushed. When you don’t build your points patiently, the reader will most likely miss the point and render your efforts meaningless.

What you can do to make sure your content have more meaning is to think through your organisation first and the key points you want to relay and then build it paragraph by paragraph. The result is heartwarming content that will take readers on a beautiful journey.

4. Be kind and write beautiful words

Words are powerful and carry the full weight of your thoughts behind them. I would suggest being careful with your words. The same way you think about what your words before speaking is how you should also think before writing.

This helps you to write words that have meaning, emotion, empathy and can influence positive change in the reader. Let your words be a source of love and encouragement, an extension of your kind heart and not a weapon of discord and rabble-rousing.

Your future self will thank you for it! Always strive to create content that you love, that will serve as a vehicle for positivity and love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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