How to plan your content for maximum impact and more leads!

How to plan your content for maximum impact and more leads! | EC Writing Services

DID YOU KNOW: Planning your blog content is more important than actually producing it?!

Many business owners don’t like planning, don’t know that they need to plan or find it difficult to plan. However, if you want to get the best results from your content, having a plan for your content is the key to success.

Remember this: Planned content gets RESULTS!

In this blog, you will learn … How to plan your content so it gets you better results and the 5 key areas to look at.

  1. Habits: Successful writers make content writing a daily habit. Don’t know where to start? Start by writing 200 words a day. This is something the members of the Writing For Results course learn to do! 

This is an activity I found extremely useful when I was writing my first book “Wow Words on the Web” to get me into the habit of writing so I could write 30,000 words in a month! It worked a treat!

  1. Target audience: I know this one gets thrown around a lot, but that’s because it’s important. Know your audience and know what they want from you – then give it to them! 

Sounds simple enough, but so many business owners don’t do this one thing – in fact, I never used to do it either until I learned my lesson. It’s a valuable lesson to learn; *when your launch falls flat on its face and all that time, money and effort you put in is for nothing!*

Knowing your audience is a big part of sitting down to plan your content.

  1. Wow Words: The secret hack the pros don’t really tell you! When you know your audience, you know what words they use to describe how they are feeling, what frustrates them, what makes them happy and how they describe situations and so on. These are Wow Words … because when you use them, the people reading your content say “WOW”! 
  1. Keywords: These are words used in your content to help you show up in searches. I could say so much on this one topic – but my main piece of advice is to just get keyword research professionally done and use your keywords religiously!
  1. Monthly themes and topics: So important! Just doing this one step will change the way you create and write your content! Relate your monthly themes back to what you are trying to get done in your business … for example, if you are launching a new course in January about planning your blog content, publish content on all your platforms about how to plan your content!

Need some help to plan your content for more leads?

My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing.” – Lauren Bell, author and wealth coach

If you are a savvy business owner, like Lauren, and you are having issues with content that takes up way too much time and it’s just not getting the results you desire … 

Stop right there! You are not alone!

And it’s the reason why I’ve created the Writing For Results course. It’s been designed to help you as a small business owner go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your content to being able to write copy quickly and easily.

In this course, you will plan, write, and leverage your content for maximum impact and results so you can grow your business and start doing more of the things you love sooner!
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