How to make your content sparkle: 7 super hot tips

How to make your content sparkle | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is not knowing how to make their content SPARKLE! 

We hear this a lot from our clients: they wish there was an easier way to write with an organised framework that could help them share their thoughts easily and write content quickly. 

They may not use the word sparkle – but that’s what you want your content to do, right? Sparkle!

To sparkle means to be energetic, interesting, and exciting, and shine brightly with flashes of light. Flashes of light bulb moments, you mean! (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

If you are struggling to make your content sparkle, take note of some of my best writing tips.

  • TIP 1: Stop obsessing over it “not working out”

I can assure you, your content is working, whether you can see it or not. So stop obsessing that it’s not working – because that’s the message you’re sending out to the universe.

Instead, take a break!  I can sense your relief and hear your sigh all the way from here! And then revisit your content ideas, plan, and strategy with a renewed perspective. 

To give your content sparkle, have a look at your content from a bird’s eye view – overall, what is working and what’s not? Where are you getting the most engagement? What topics create the most spark? Where are your leads and clients coming from?

  • TIP 2: Don’t go it alone! 

This is possibly the worst thing you can do for your content and online presence. The best thing I ever did was join a business group and find an accountability buddy. Speak to your biz buddies or a strategist and take their help and suggestions on board. A second opinion is always warranted when it comes to getting help.

  • TIP 3: Revamp your content to suit your current state of mind, schedule, audience, business and goals 

Restyle some old content to cut down on time, get a guest blogger once a month so you don’t have to do so much, ask your audience what would be helpful to them so you are only creating valuable content for your audience. Plan your content so it actually is aligned to your business and the goals you have.

“Content sparkle” needs to be a win-win situation – your audience needs some quick wins to get results and you need to get the results you desire to grow your business.

  • TIP 4: Don’t rush it

I can see your mouth just dropped on the floor! Yes, I said, don’t rush it. Content marketing, social media, blogs, SEO, website and so on, need time, patience, and effort to work for your business. When done right, it will work. When you rush it, you’ll overlook important aspects or you’ll forget things and you might even put out the wrong message.

Today is the best day to start writing your online content to create a WOW online presence and profile, but that doesn’t mean you have to finish it all today.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • TIP 5: Research everything!

An important part of any content writing journey is to give your audience what they want. But, sadly, not many business owners actually do it.

Whether it is your content, products, or services – find out what your audience needs from you and keep them in mind as you build something new, rather than spending all your time working on something they may not actually want or need.

It’s a huge mistake and one I’ve made several times. 

On one occasion, I had spent a lot of time creating a new workshop and course because I thought that’s what they wanted and needed, but my ideal clients didn’t buy it and it fell flat on its face.

Dammit! But it taught me a valuable lesson… Research is the key to staying RELEVANT! 

  • Tip 6: Stop making excuses

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb, Author 

Have you ever heard yourself say: 

“I have no time to write”

“I’m not feeling inspired” 

“I have other tasks to finish”

I know, sometimes life takes over and you just don’t feel like it.  

You can put off content writing all you want, but if you want to improve your content writing skills and grow your business online, you need to make time for it now… 

And I know just what you need that will help … a writing habit!

Content sparkle tip: Have a dedicated writing time once a week and mark your calendar (this is what I do too!). 

Remember, your online content is as important as the next client call or responding to prospect’s emails.  

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  • TIP 7: Share your stories

Have you started implementing storytelling in your content marketing? 

With a story you can invoke emotions, educate, inspire, and establish a personal connection with just about anyone – especially your audience and customers. 

It’s not in the least about selling yourself. Your core audience, ideal clients, and wonderful community of followers would love to know who you are, your mission, and your purpose. 

Give them a break from your products and services, and show them a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes. 

Be authentic and don’t forget to add value while you do it.     

Content Idea: Share the story of the biggest mistake you have ever made running your business. 

Need some writing help so your content sparkles too? 

Are you feeling less-than-confident when it comes to your writing skills? 

That’s a toxic feeling that can plague any business owner feeling stuck in the business journey. I can relate to what you are feeling; I’ve been there and so have hundreds of other business owners we’ve worked with. 

The truth is, content takes time and effort but it is a skill that you can master with the right tools and mentorship.  

This is what one of our Wow School Global students Ruth Carey, shared about our self-paced course: “Liz really gets you thinking in a different way and I do find I am already writing content from the perspective of my customers which is actually easier than me trying to be clever.”

Would you like some tips and tools to help your content writing journey too?

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    I follow the point number 7. But struggling to start doing number 1. I am usually stressed out about my content not working. Thanks for letting me know that i am not alone😊

    • Reply June 29, 2021

      Elizabeth Campbell

      You are so not alone – and sometimes the best thing to do it stop, take a break and come back to it! Put good energy into your content and that’s what it will give you back 🙂

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