How to grow your database with this one thing…

You've got mail ... how to grow your mailing list with this one thing

You know I will share anything with you when it comes to marketing, content and (my true love) writing when I know it works, right?

  • I get loads of leads from networking and speaking; you’ve received that little secret before.
  • You can get to page one of Google organically using your keywords; another gem you know about because it worked for me (and my clients).
  • Heck, you even have my template on how to write a press release. PS – one of my clients recently used it and had the best-ever results: A double-page spread in a tabloid newspaper and then radio coverage off the back of that…totalling tens of thousands of dollars in media value. Grab the template here.

But I’ve got some new information I think you’ll love. We all hear about the latest and greatest ways to grow our database. Sometimes I find the information is ambiguous, too hard or just too complex – not to mention you have to shell out what may seem like a squillion dollars for some new whiz-bang, fandangle, something-or-other must-have to do it.

But what I did was really easy and simple – and it’s not new. It’s just something I tried, which is working a treat to help grow my database. Research suggests this to be the case, but I’d held off for so long because I thought it would annoy people who visited my website.

It hasn’t and I’m getting 1-5 signups to my list a day. That equals 365-1825 a year. Not bad for one small change that cost be about $100 to implement. But if you’re not a “tech spaz” like me then it would be free.

Want to know?!

It’s a humble pop-up.

Now before you say “Oh, Liz, that was a let down! We know that already” … let me explain.

I don’t love pop-ups. They can be intrusive and annoying … especially when they just keep, well, popping up. So here’s what I did:

How to produce a poppin’ pop-up in 7 steps:

  1. Make it pretty: My pop-up is eye-catching in pink and black, and appeals to my target market of women 25-60 (and, funnily enough, a lot of men too. Love a guy who loves pink!).
  2. Use WOW words: You hear me bang on about “wow words” all the time, this is how you stand out and capture attention. That’s how I believe you make people want to click.
  3. Give something away: I give my five hot tips on how to make your content rock and get results. It’s a one-pager that’s been designed and formatted with easy-to-implement ideas.
  4. No gimmicks: All I ask for in return is your email address for an exchange of content and a recipe for success that I know works.
  5. Deliver genuine value: I’m not into click bait or only giving half the information and making people pay for the rest.  Email addresses are sacred now, I get that. I want you guys to succeed with your content writing and if I can help great (if you want me to write it for you, even better). But my ultimate goal is simple and that’s to share what I know about writing. It is a basic human need and can bring so much joy to your life, open up doors you never knew existed and take your biz to the next level.
  6. Make it discreet: It doesn’t popup every time you jump on to my site. Only once. If you opt out you won’t see it again. I can’t stand it when a popup keeps popping up!
  7. Work it: As I said I’ve been getting at least one new signup a day from this particular strategy. I know this doesn’t sound like much but coupled with other opt-ins it all adds up.

So that’s my secret. It’s not really a secret, it’s not new info, it’s just a reminder to you to try, test and measure new things.

The bit I haven’t mentioned is collecting email addresses won’t automatically convert to sales, you’ve got to talk to your peeps, so get a newsletter out to them or an email series with calls to action. Start building that relationship and turn those names into leads and those leads into sales.

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