How to get out of your own way in 2021

How to get out of your own way in 2021 - EC Writing Services

I think I just get in my own way …Said every business owner ever!

I hear or read this in email replies all too often and I get it. I can get in my own way too, however, it’s recognizing when it happens – and then knowing what to do to get out of your own way that counts.

There are so many things we do to sabotage our online presence and profile.

  • Thinking too small.
  • Not replying to messages or comments.
  • Not posting regularly.
  • Not promoting your content.
  • Not understanding your audience and what they want from you.
  • Not having a strategy.
  • Not getting a mentor or coach.
  • Thinking you can do it all yourself.
  • Thinking that you don’t need help.

Hands up, how many did you identify with?



All of them?!

I think I’ve done each and every one of these “sabotagers” – multiple times!

If you are getting in your own way when it comes to your online presence and a wow-factor profile that gets more leads, clients, and opportunities, content needs to be your number one marketing strategy.



Yes, easier said than done you say.

So here are a few pointers to help you get out of your own way in 2021:

  • Work on your mindset – Live, breathe, and work toward a positive mindset that screams “I am amazing, I have incredible knowledge to share, my ideal audience and clients lap up my content and my online presence and profile screams WOW FACTOR!”.
  • Come back to your why – Why are you in business? What do you want to achieve? What is your purpose and message for your online audience?
  • Stop comparing yourself to others – This happens to the best of us so don’t beat yourself up. I was talking to an entrepreneur the other day and he said sometimes when he looks at other influencer’s profiles it makes him feel anxious. My advice – start looking at those profiles with gratitude and thank them for posting such amazing pictures and captions that inspire you to do better yourself. And then switch off. Your time is better spent.
  • Think about the outcome – Negative thoughts are part of everyday life if you let them be. So, if you find yourself thinking anything but positive thoughts about your future, remember the outcome you want to achieve. Get out your vision board and look at it four times a day. Remember all the things you want to achieve and how far you have come. Congratulate yourself! Reward yourself! You are awesome!


Now that you are getting out of your own way and you have your mindset sorted – it’s always a work in progress so remember that if you stumble, you need to understand your content strategy for 2021.

There are 7 pieces of content you need to nail in 2021 for a wow online presence and profile. {so you really do need to get out of your own way!}

  • Website

When was the last time you updated your website? Do you even have a website? If you don’t, make a start now to build one for your business. In today’s world, you cannot afford not to have a website for your business. Think of it as your shop front.

A website gives you a perpetual online presence and you can use it to develop an online business. It’s the first impression people get of you. Just having social media is not enough.

Action step: write or update your website!

  • Landing page

Do you use landing pages? Depending on where you are in your content journey, you may not need them yet. I didn’t use them to start with, but they are useful for fast-tracking your online success. Please note, they are used in conjunction with a website, not in place of a website.

The landing page (aka sales page, squeeze page, information page) has one rule: They have one subject, one topic, one theme, one call-to-action, one product for sale or to sign up for. Its function is specific, unlike a website, which is your hub of credibility and information for people to get to know you.

  • Blog

If you think blogs are dead, think again!

Here are some statistics from Amazing Blogging Stats (Editor’s Choice):

  • Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website.
    • Blogs increase website traffic by up to six times.
    • Using images in blog posts get 94% more views.
    • 57% of marketers say they gained customers specifically through blogging.
    • B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads compared to those who don’t.
    • 80% of B2B marketers use blogs as a content marketing tactic.

Now, tell me that blogging is optional!

Your next step: Write that blog!

  • Social media

Social media is a tool you can use to engage your contacts, generate leads, and even run promotions. We use it to promote our lead magnets and blogs and also to share our knowledge of content writing to build authority.

We also use it for relationship building by replying to comments and growing each platform with the right audience.

Action step: Write a social media plan for 2021. Need help? Get the training here.

  • Promotion post

THE MONEYMAKER: The one asset you must have is a crafted professional promotion post that can be used on social media, blogs, websites, emails, newsletters, and other avenues.

It’s a staple for your content strategy and is designed to get more leads, more work, and more sales. And it works.

If your biggest content writing issue is that you are not getting results – you’re probably not using this little genius to its full potential – if at all!

  • Lead magnet

This is one of my favourite content strategies because it draws in a stream of people eager to know more about you and your business, your offerings, and your solutions.

I love waking up in the morning to people from all over the world pinging into my inbox as a new ECVIP List member or a new customer or potential client. Best of all, it happens while you sleep. This strategy has served me well since starting my business 7 years ago.

However, I have to stress, your lead magnet (I love writing PDF downloads, they are the easiest to get together) will not work effectively unless you follow some rules:

🖖 Know your audience and what they want from you.

🖖 Understand your topic and theme, and write it in a way your audience understands.

🖖 Know the steps to take once they download your “lead magnet”.

🖖 It has to be planned and has to have a strategy.

🖖 You need a landing page.

🖖 You need a promotion strategy and regular posts on social media.

  • Email and newsletters

The way to your clients’ hearts is with newsletters and emails. First, newsletters are still hot content property.

Why? Because social media is fickle and distracting and emails are important! You get important information and correspondence through emails. Do you think the Tax office would send you an important piece of information via social media?

However, you do need to make sure you are delivering quality content to your subscribers otherwise they won’t stick around.

And you need a healthy mix of promotion, results-driven, entertainment, and value content to do this. Link to blog

If you are using landing pages, a shop, or any other lead magnet, you will also need a series of opt-in emails to help people understand how you can help them and how they can get the most out of the lead magnet you have created, for them to download or the webinar they have signed up for, or an abandoned cart reminder.


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Whatever you want to do in your business, one thing is for sure … you need to be able to write content that helps you get more leads and inquiries so you can have an abundance of clients knocking at your door.

That’s a fact.


Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist, is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author of Wow Words on the Web. She helps business owners stand out, generate leads, and win more clients and opportunities through the power and beauty of words and online content.

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