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Did you know: 90 per cent of business owners suffer from one common problem… how to get more clients.

How do I know this? Because I conducted a poll in a group of almost 500,000 people.

Getting sales

Finding customers

Consistency in sales

Scaling my business


Get more clients

Getting people to want to work with me

Finding clients

Getting continual income

These were the common responses to the most common problem in business.

Here’s what I know.

To get more clients, you need prospects.

To get prospects, you need leads.

To get leads, you need an amazing online presence and profile.

To get an amazing online presence and profile, you need content that connects with your audience.

What’s the difference between a prospect and a lead?

A lead is an unqualified contact, while a prospect is a qualified contact who has been moved into the sales process. To turn a lead into a prospect, walk them through the sales qualification process to assess if your company’s products or services are the right solution to their problem. (Source: HubSpot).

I’ve also got another theory that you can take action on now. 

How to make your problems a project

How’s this for an idea: Your problems are projects.

I’ve been listening to a lot of positive mindset videos on YouTube lately, every morning while I’m exercising.

And one of the messages I keep getting is that a problem isn’t really a problem, it’s the way you look at it that makes the difference.

If you look at a problem with negativity, it truly is a problem and overcoming it will be difficult.

When you look at a problem with a positive mindset, it’s not a problem any more but more of a challenge that you can definitely overcome.

When I was talking with a gorgeous client recently she said she’s been listening to a meditation from MindValley with the message that problems are just projects.

And I thought that was an ingenious way to look at the problems in business… They are just projects.

You’re not getting as many leads as you would like … it’s not a problem, it’s a lead-generation project!

You’re not getting clients at the moment … it’s not a problem, it’s an income-generating project.

Your sales have dropped off … it’s not a problem, it’s a money-making project.

How much better does that make your “problems” feel now? It made me feel a heck of a lot better.

When I started looking at my problems as projects, I started to work differently to get the results I wanted.

Want to get more clients? Turn your lack-of-clients problem into a client-driving project.

Here’s what I did to get 200+ leads in one month

I wanted more leads in a 30-day period than I had been getting, so I worked on my “lead-generation project”:

  • I looked at what I’d done in the past that had worked.
  • I set out a three-month plan with my successful marketing activities.
  • I tried 2x new lead-gen ideas.
  • I wrote content that would attract my ideal audience and clients, geared to what they truly wanted.
  • I stuck to my plan and the outcome I wanted, and leveraged the heck out of it.
  • When something didn’t work, I changed tactics quickly to stay on-project.
  • I wrote down my exact process to share with my Writing For Results course members and so I could do it again.
  • I stayed super positive.

The result: 220 extra leads in a 30-day period. 

No ads, I just followed my own formula:

Planning + Writing + Leverage = Growth 

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