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Ooh, this is good one. Too many times I am asked: “but why don’t I get engagement, why aren’t people taking action, why aren’t they buying from me, Why don’t I get more clients from my content?”.

Or I’m told: “Content/blogs/website/social media just doesn’t work for me, I’ve tried it”.

And I’ve got to tell you, it’s your content. There’s something up with it.

I’m serious! If you are not getting clients from the content you put out – there’s something wrong with your words.

  • Your content doesn’t resonate
  • Your audience doesn’t understand how you can help them or why they should pick you
  • You haven’t hit their pain points
  • Your message isn’t clear
  • Your content is too advanced for the level they are on
  • You don’t have the right audience
  • You’re not using enticing words to captivate your readers
  • You’re not posting regularly enough
  • You haven’t answered their questions

I will guarantee you – it’s all about your content.

So what do you do? Well, in this blog, I’ve got 7 hot tips for you:

How to make your words work so you get more clients from your content:

more clients from your content

Know your audience

I’m sure you have heard this before and before you skip over it to the next tip saying “it’s not that! I know who my audience is”… I want you to think about these three points.

  • Understand what is really upsetting your target audience. What are they complaining about? What are they worrying about? What is stopping them from achieving success? This will give you a steady base to get more clients from your content.
  • Know the words they are using and mirror them – this will help build trust and they will feel like you get them. I call the Wow Words!
  • Share stories of success – yours and your clients. This will show that you know what you are talking about and also that you can really help them.

Change your mindset around “sales”

I hear from many business owners who have a fear of selling, especially through their content.

It’s because we have always been told to give value, don’t sell on social, don’t put a call to action on your blogs. But if content is a form of marketing, why the heck shouldn’t you sell in it?

It’s time for a change in mindset when it comes to content and sales content.

You actually need a healthy mix of value content and promo and ad-like content. I call it connected content – and there is a fine art to getting the mix right.

But what it really boils down to is always giving value but also letting people know how you can help them.

Remember this:  You are here in the digital world because you have a business and to have a successful business you need to sell things! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. 

Selling is not a bad thing. Promotion and sales content are not bad when they are mixed with value, don’t mislead and allow people to come to their own conclusions. 

Content is all about the ability to combine creativity and sales.

Try something new or different

Repeat after me, the word ”sales” is not a dirty word and you need sales in your business to survive!

But many business owners think they can’t sell through their content or on social media or online anywhere.

Think about this for a second, how do you think shops sell online or online courses are sold?

Because of content and getting more clients from your content! AKA sales!

So here are three things you can do in your content to get more sales and clients:

  • VIDEO/WRITTEN POST: Re-introduce yourself and let people know what you do and how you can help them. Tell them about a product or service you have.
  • DOWNLOAD/EMAILS: Create a download as a lead magnet and promote the heck out of it. Write an upsell email series.
  • EMAIL/MESSAGE – follow up with people who comment on your content, ask them what they need a hand with.


If you are not getting more clients from your content and it is falling on deaf ears, it is your content. The sooner you work out what is wrong with your content, the sooner you can overcome the challenges you are facing and start attracting your beautiful business besties and winning new clients.

Next steps

If your content is not enticing your audience, there is something seriously wrong.

Get ready to turn your ideas into content that gets engagement, leads, followers, sales, new clients and so much more!

  • If you’re not getting leads – it’s a content problem
  • If you’re not getting inquiries – it’s a content problem
  • If you’re not getting engagement on your posts – it’s a content problem
  • And if you’re not getting clients from the content you write, create and post – it’s a content problem!
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