How to get more clients by being strategic: 3 things you must do

Attract the right customers with your content.

Before you can do that … there are 3 areas you need to know how to nail. This blog outlines them and what to do to overcome them to get more clients.

Dear Universe

I need your help. I want more clients from my content marketing efforts. I put in so much effort, time and work and I think I should be getting better results. I write and write and write and create so much and still I end up with very little. I research my target market and write for them, I have a list of topics as long as my arm, I put out content consistently, and I even have a call to action. I do all the things the experts tell me to do and still NOTHING.

Help me! Please send me the steps I need to get more clients in 2020.

With love and gratitude,
A small business owner

If this is you or you’ve had these thoughts before … raise your hand! {hands go up!}.

This has also been me, which is why I am on a mission to help 1000 business owners this year by contributing to your awesome success with action-by-action steps and tips to make content work for you, so you can reach more amazing people too with your profit-driven content.

Back when these thoughts were my own, I did three things.

Watch the blog – 3 steps to make more money from your content in 2020

 • PLAN – look at what you’ve got

I looked at what I was doing and I was doing too much, with too many posts and too many confusing messages.

If your content is not working to get you the results you desire –  more people opting into your list, signing up for your products and services, messaging you through your social media channels or acquiring new clients and repeat business – it’s time for CHANGE!

Look at the things that are working and only do those things. Stop trying this and that and keep it simple. For me, that is social media, my newsletters, blogs and lead magnets. The best lead-generators I have used are a 5-day challenge, webinar/online trainings and free downloads. So now that is all I do.

DID YOU KNOW: 69% of the “most successful” content marketers have a documented strategy in place.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

If you don’t consider yourself a marketer – you need a mindset shift. As a business owner, you are a marketer! If you don’t market your business, you have someone who does this for you.

One of the things that will help you create better content is knowing your customers’ journey and creating a content funnel around that, with strategic content, next steps and calls to actions.

>>> I have a comprehensive training on this here.

WRITE – read your customers’ minds

Revisit your content and the message you are putting out there. Is your content short and sharp? Does it spell out how to do something? Does it inspire through story-telling? Does it outline a major issue and share a solution? Are you reading your customers’ minds as they read your content?

Content writing trends for 2020

  1. Results-focused content – give your audience quick and consumable bites of content that gives them exactly what they are looking for.
  2. Data-driven content – using your metrics to really understand what your audience wants from you.
  3. Conversational content – this means actually having conversations with people online and face to face to see what they are really having trouble with. This requires you to reply and comment!
  4. Personalised content – give your audience and customers exactly what they want … create content for the different levels and segments of your customer’s journey.
  5. Strategic topics – working your content back to your own products and services, splintering off topics and content relevant to your audience, then creating profit-driven content from the topics you offer and what your audience and customers want from you. 

There’s more information on content marketing trends in 2020 over at Core DNA.

I’ll be going into more detail about these trends in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned for that.

3 steps to more clients from your content

• LEVERAGE – promote your content!

Learn how to leverage your content so it gets better results for you. Content takes time to create and too many business owners plan, write and create content but forget one huge money-making step. Promotion.

Promoting your content adds value for your audience, so don’t feel icky about promoting yourself or business, because you’re not!

That’s the beauty of content promotion. You’re not selling or trying to get people to buy from you straight away – you’re simply sharing this amazing piece of content you have written.

5 ways you can promote and leverage your content:

  1. Live video/video (huge trends in 2020)
  2. Social media posts
  3. Email to your lists
  4. A social snippet into groups (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)
  5. Ads (if you are that way inclined)

Of course, you need a promotion strategy for this to work, which is why I created the Content that Connects Guide. It has 27 content promotion ideas to help you as a business owner reach more people, share your value and help your ideal clients take inspired action.

I only created this free download because my clients were asking me about promotion and how to get more sales.


Time is the number one obstacle for content marketers, followed by creating content, content quality and writing.

Source: ClearVoice

If you want to get better results from your content this year – and that means making more money from it – revisit the way you do things first. Look at your plan (or get a plan in place) and only do the things that are working for you.

Go back over your content and see what’s getting the best results for you. Maybe it’s time to change it up for the new decade. And leverage your content, make it really work for you. Spend the time on it and then restyle it and have a winning promotion strategy to bring in more leads and sales.

Next step – Free download

Content Promotion Guide - Content that Connects - ECWriting Services

If you really want to make more money from your content – there is one thing you need to start doing today:


I’ve released a new ACTION-BY-ACTION GUIDE to help you promote your content.

No more icky ‘salsey’ feelings when promoting yourself or your business … because you’re actually letting more people know about your value through your awesome content!

This is an area that 90 per cent of business owners don’t pick up on (because they don’t know they have to or they don’t know how).

The Content That Connects Guide will help you promote your content and allow you to grow your business with the right clients.

>>> NOTE: This is a massive money-making step for your content and business. It helps to drive leads and convert clients you didn’t even know were watching!

I’ve got 27 ways for you to promote your content easily, while you sip on an iced coffee at the beach (if you want to!).


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