How to confidently turn your idea into a profitable piece of content that gets leads, clients, and opportunities

How to confidently turn your idea into a profitable piece of content that gets leads, clients, and opportunities

Truth bomb: Your online presence and profile are not about your content.


Ok, it’s a little bit about your content. But a lot about what you do with your content.

I know, I know, I hear you say, but you always talk about how to write amazing content – and that is true, but what I also teach inside my Content 2 Cash online course is the other side of content … what you do after you’ve written and posted it.

Nine times out of 10 most business owners walk away from their laptops thinking, “that’s it, I’ve done my job here”. But unless your VA has your world-class promotion plan and strategies at her fingertips and is doing that for you – newsflash – YOU’RE NOT DONE!

You’ve not even started yet!

To understand how to get the most out of your content and online presence, you also need to know these other truth bombs:

·  Not every post will get you clients.

·  It’s what you do now that will see results in 1-3 months.

·  “You” have to keep showing up { I say “you” because it doesn’t always have to be you}.

·  Content is a long game with many strategies, and not all of them will work for you.

·  It’s not about your content – it’s about what you do after you write and post your content.

Let’s talk more about that last one.

Unless you are Gary Vee or Oprah and have a gazillion followers, writing content will only get you so far. To get the results your desire means you need to promote it.

Did you know: Content that gets results (more leads, clients, and opportunities) is about your:

–   lead-gen strategy (promotion plan)

–   sales strategy

–   follow-up and nurturing strategy

So where do you start? You start with your lead-generation strategy –  namely, a promotion plan.

But, I see it time and time again, this is the one thing most business owners don’t know they need to do.

Or simply don’t have time to do it.

News flash #2: You can’t just write your content, post it, and do nothing else.

You have to use the power of leverage – and leverage the heck out of your content.

In other words, you need to promote it everywhere.

So what is leverage?

It’s simply promoting your content across multiple channels, and even restyling your content into new pieces of content, so you are sharing a strong message – and that message is strategically repetitive to reach the same people more times and new people to acquire new leads and prospects.

Why is it important?

So you can teach more people and attract more of the right people.

Why do you need it in your business?

Now more than ever there’s a lot of noise online; there are more people online, and more and more people are starting businesses in the same industry as you. There’s more information out there and consumers are getting smarter and more savvy.

You now need 10+ “touch-points” with your prospects before they will even entertain the thought of working with you.

Hence, you need to show off your content in more ways than just posting it to your social platforms.

What are some leverage strategies?

There are hundreds of promotion ideas and ways to leverage your content.

And you will have been on the receiving end of these or maybe even use them yourself:

–   Facebook and IG ads

–   Facebook groups

–   Engagement pods

–   Whatsapp message groups

–   Posting to all of your social media platforms and in groups

–   Tagging people in your posts

–   Sending your content to your email list

–   Sending an email to clients before you go live

–   Going live to talk about a piece of content you have written

–   Putting the link to your content in your emails signature

–   Changing your banners to showcase your new content

There are so many more and I have them listed for you in this content promotion download – Content that Connects.

So what now?

You can take what you have learned in this blog and put it into practice, or you can come and get the goods from my webinar and really turbocharge your content in 2021.

Aside from the framework you need to get more leads and clients, I’ll be covering:

 Getting results is the biggest issue I find so many business owners have when it comes to creating and writing content.

But it’s not just about leveraging and promoting your content. There are some other areas you need to look at, which I will be covering in my upcoming Content Writing Masterclass. Learn how to generate unlimited leads and an abundance of clients with powerful online content that turns your ideas into influence and impact.

It’s happening on February 11.

–   the top 5 myths that are getting in your way on writing content that gives you an unlimited supply of leads (you won’t believe what No.1 is!),

–   how to take your idea and turn it into a topics list enviable by even the biggest influencers

–   3 ways to make money from your content (the ease and simplicity of these will make you wonder why you’re not already doing them!).

–   Plus, the 5 areas you need to cover in your business that have nothing to do with content writing – but means everything to your audience!

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