How to come up with content ideas that get results

How to come up with content ideas that get results | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Want to know how to come up with content ideas that get results? So do thousands of other business owners, so read this now!

Coming up with ideas for your content is time-consuming and sometimes you sit there at your laptop looking black-facing hoping, just hoping, an idea will pop into your brain and onto the screen.

But no such luck.

So, in this blog I’ll share with you 9 unusual areas to come up with content ideas and inspiration, and the process to write those ideas into an amazing piece of content that gets results.

Subheader: The difference between inspiration and ideas

Do you know the difference? There is certainly one, that’s for sure. You need inspiration to come up with ideas!

Inspiration: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. (Oxford dictionary)

Ideas: a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action, a mental impression, an opinion or belief, the aim or purpose.

Even the description of the word “ideas” can give you ideas for your content!

How to come up with content ideas

Sometimes there’s so much info out there, coming up with ideas for your content can be so time-consuming and overwhelming – and it leaves you saying: 

I don’t know what to write about!

I have nothing to say!

I don’t know where to start!

I’ve got a mental blank!

You know what? There’s a really easy fix for that … and all it means is that you don’t have organised ideas in a targeted topics list.

So if that’s the only thing getting in your way … here’s how to fix that little problem you’re having.

Where to look for ideas for your content: Some more unusual than others

  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Emails – Look at the last email inquiry you received, what was the person asking or saying?
  • Listen to positive affirmations – I bet they’ll spark heaps of ideas!
  • Tinder – not even kidding (when I was single, I got business through dates I went on from Tinder!)
  • Use keyword tools like Answer the Public or SEM Rush.  
  • Job descriptions – What are employers asking for? For example, I saw an ad for a community manager that called for managing inquiries, sales, and product development as well as looking after members of the community. Just from this ad, I came up with the idea for a piece of content about how to get someone to manage your inquiries, sales, and community.
  • Look at your old posts – what can you rehash and update? PS – only reuse and rewrite the ones that have done exceptionally well!
  • Uber drivers – a bit like Tinder, I used to get so many ideas from uber drivers when I lived in the city. They were always asking about websites, social media, and how to make more money from marketing as a business owner! 
  • Ask on social media – “What do you want me to write about next?”.

HINT: Write down 3 ideas from each of the areas above and you’ve got 27 potential pieces of content! How awesome is that?

This is literally what I do and teach inside my Wow Words Membership so you are never short of content to create.

How to turn these ideas into a written piece of content

  1. Take your idea and do a brainstorm and dump of potential info you could share. Keep it short and sweet, with 3-5 dot points and a few words for each. No more than 2 minutes!
  1. Think about the soul and substance you want to add to bring meaning to your piece of work. Set your phone’s timer for 3 minutes, then research the internet to find a statistic that backs up your claims.
  1. Set your phone’s timer for another 3 minutes and write a little story that will go with your piece of content. You want to bring some emotion to your piece of content.
  1. Now, set your phone’s timer for 10 minutes. The time limit helps you focus and get to the point. Use this time to pad out your key points from above. Don’t overthink, just write what you know and want to share about each key point (remember there are 3-5 of them, so don’t waste any time trying to get it perfect). 
  1. Edit your text, don’t worry about formatting it yet. This is where you might add a few more bits and pieces to buff it out. Set aside 3-5 minutes for this.
  1. Save your content in a place you can easily find to use when you are ready. 
  1. Repeat this process every time you have a brainwave or when inspiration strikes! Before you know it, you’ll have a bank of content ready to go!

Total time: 23 minutes … blog is 90% done! Just add your call to action, create an image and publish it! 

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