How to be consistent with content for BIG results

It's time to up your content game and be consistent, writes Elizabeth Campbell

Amazing content is as important to a business’s brand and even personal brand as Jimmy Choo is to heels!

As thought leaders, content creators, social media managers and other roles that require lots of content, there is a need to understand that consistency is the vital key to ensure your content is adding value so you can get more of everything …. leads, sales, customers and opportunities.

Not only that – but to make sure every business bestie who discovers your content is captivated from the first word!

Here are some tips that will help you to have a consistent content strategy for your personal or business brand.

Have a content plan

Set time aside every week to plan what you want to write for the week or month.

Think about what you want to write about, the objectives and the strategy for delivering these according to plan. You can also use an editorial calendar which helps you to schedule your content and add new ideas, analytics and topics in one location.

One of the best ways to be consistent and save time is to generate your topics ahead of time so that it reduces the process of content creation so you can crearteh the right words for your Business Besties – the words theywant to hear from you!

Review your content analytics to know what type of content your audience wants

There are many ways to know which of your previous posts performed the best with your audience.

Most blog websites have analytic tools to help you see how much your page was visited, shared and liked. And all social media platforms have them too.

This will help you to rank all your previous content and identify the style or topics that have the best reach among your audience. This insight will help you to improve conversion and brand loyalty.

Build a content support team

When you have a content plan and know what your audience wants, you may not be able to do this alone, especially when it involves a business with high content needs.

I get it – it’s easy to get busy and let your content fall by the wayside.

And then you may not be able to write and publish all the content you need to, so instead of sacrificing consistency and quality, get help from either an editor, freelance writer and other professionals who can help you to publish more consistently.

Having a topic list means you can easily assign tasks to writers and have an editor assist you to keep the quality in line with your needs.

Hiring a social media manager to publish and promote content also allows you to focus more time on developing the content consistently and also it frees up your time to do the thing you really enjoy.

Consider other forms of media

Diversify the forms in which you produce your content. You can post social media snippets with images, consider making audio content for podcasts and even using YouTube to post videos of your content.

This allows you to further spread the reach of your content and gain more followers, add value and be organised.

Next steps…

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