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Content writing services: How it works

Content 365 (that’s 365 days a year!)

Learn how to write online content that rocks and gets results, EC Writing Services, Elizabeth Campbell

Are you a savvy business owner with a plan of where you want your business to be in 12 months but you kind of don’t really know HOW to achieve?

I always have a Plan B and C – and sometimes even a D – on the go, just in case.

So I know where you’re at … Now maybe you want to learn how to write all of the content pieces your need as a business in 2018 yourself.

Great … go here!

PS – There are 9 major pieces of content you as a business need for growth and presence… including website, blog, social posts, newsletter, email blast, download/s, email series, promo post blast and promo post series) – how many do you have?

If you don’t want to write and you need a hand doing it yourself … then you are in the right place.

That place is called Content 365.

Like you, I wanted to be organised and I wanted my content to work for me … rather than me having to do all the work all the time!

So I set about creating a 5 STAR Content 2 Ca$h method that you can used to do it yourself or allows us to get the best information from you so we can do it for you … so it sounds just like you (no one will ever know!)

It’s a secret superpower we have!

Enlisting our help at EC Writing Services will almost automatically free up your time. So I’ll share with you what happens when you do enlist in our help in 5 simple steps.

Let’s talk: From the outset, we will outline in detail what it is you require when it comes to your copy writing project. We will ask some questions and agree on a price. We don’t charge an hourly rate, EC Writing Services charges a project rate based on the amount of content you require, which we will also discuss. From here you will be sent a formal quote where a 50% deposit is required. Once you accept the quote and pay the deposit, we’ll get your content writing project under way!
More info: We will most likely need some more information from you regarding the writing project, writing tone, structure and timeframe, so a team member from EC Writing Services will be in touch either by phone or email and we will then get a plan together for the work needed. We’ll double check again before we start researching and writing, just to make sure we are on the right track.
First draft: After that we will pen your first draft, asking questions along the way if needed. Nine times out of 10 we are pretty good at following the brief and may not need to ask many questions throughout the writing process. Then we’ll send it to you for approval, amending any changes you may like to see.
Second draft: Two sets of changes are included in the project price, so if there are any final tweaks now is the time for these to pop up and be made before we send you the final copy of the content in a Word document via email. A final invoice will also be sent around this time with a payment term of 7 days.
Feeling good: We may need to make a few other minor tweaks, but that’s OK. By this stage everyone is feeling warm and fuzzy about the whole experience. The team at EC Writing Services has learned something new about you as a customer and provided our best work, while you walk away with a smile on your face knowing you are ahead of the competition with the high-quality, credible and consistent content writing project. At this point we say our goodbyes until next time! The content is yours to do with what you will. Use it on your site, rewrite for blogs or turn it into a script for your YouTube video.
Let’s have a chat about what you’d like to get done when it comes to content writing and what it might look like for you to work with us!