How do I get my new product out there?

Are you content confident to get your product out there??

I was recently asked … “how do I get my new product out there?” by a business owner who hasn’t yet nailed online content writing success.

By “out there”, he meant getting his online product in front of as many people as possible.

His product is a new online course and he wants more sales (like every business owner on the planet!).

So here are my suggestions – and I thought if this helped him, then it was sure to help you too.

Just as a side note, it’s really important to know that it can take a bit of time to find your content groove, so here is what I recommended to get that product out there more.

These are some of the strategies we use and teach and it works a treat for organic reach and content, no paid ads, just a few boosts here and there.

Growing your list – use a free download

I believe youneed a free download on your website (or landing page) to help grow your list … if not a free download, then something like that (webinar or video series). Downloads are the easiest to create. Once you are getting some leads from the download, it’s important to follow up with those people personal and not just with an email series, but also with a phone call as well.

Have a chat about what made them download your freebie. If it’s the right timing you can talk about the your “next step” – but your email sequence should do this. The nature of the call to build the relationship personally and see what’s happening for your prospect and how you might be able to help them.

Social growth through content is a good thing

Post really helpful and useful content – all the time – day, night, morning, lunch, dinner, dessert! Ask your followers what they want from you and create it for them. Research the heck out of your target market and do lives and videos as well. I always recommend to focus on one platform first and then branch out to where your target audience are hanging out.

This will take the most time, unless you can get some help on that (check out our new Brand Angel Monthly Service to get access to my team of content VAs. This will help fast track it.

While you are posting awesome content – throw in a couple of promo posts about the product you want to get out there. Always share your call to action, that is, a link to the product you want to get out there.

Share the download on social

Share the download out in social groups, your platforms and guest blogs so it has a wider reach (remember to add it to your bio on Insta with LinkTree and consider updating your FB and LinkedIn banner pictures with details about how to download it).

Check out what we do on my Facebook page here. You can boost some of these posts or you can put some ad spend behind it. I have never advertised properly … everything we have created has been organic and by word of mouth, referral, partnerships, speaking, interviews, promotions and so on.

Tell your friends and family

By far the simplest and easiest thing to do is to tell your loved ones about your product or service … no one loves you and wants to support you more in your business and with your new products and services than these guys.

In fact, when I first started out in business I was fully booked for in my first 3, 6 and 12 months all from referrals and word of mouth from my family and friends. Ask for referrals to companies and people who might be interested in talking with you about your business and products.


These are the best places to start to get the word out there about your new product or service.

The other thing you must do is be patient – not one of my strong points! – but certainly one of the areas you need to keep a handle on, for long-term growth and success.

If content  writing is an area you are just not confident in, please come and join me in my next webinar.

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One of the biggest topics business owners talk to me about is confidence and not having enough of it to put themselves out there – especially when it comes to content.

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