HOT TOPIC: Biggest content trends in 2016

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As we get stuck into the new year, I’m proud to say I’ve talked with many businesses who are planning or have planned out their year when it comes to their marketing strategies.

I think you’d probably agree that as businesses we produced a stack of content last year – articles, social media posts, ebooks, courses, blogs and so on.

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to websites, build authority and boost your bottom line. However, we must start looking for ways to improve our content writing so we can constantly impress, educate and entertain our audiences.

So here are six content trends to make your business one to reckon with this year.

Yeah! Let’s do this.

CONTENT TREND #1: Think beyond blog posts

In 2016, you will have to think just beyond setting up your blog and posting traditional 500-word blog contents daily. Blog posts are perfect for relaying information quickly, and while it’s a start to your content writing dreams, it isn’t enough any more.

Content marketers these days are thinking beyond publishing blog posts every week. You need to be inventive in determining the purpose of your content, the opportunities available and the life and evolution of your content.

In 2016, your content marketing strategy should not just be to target keywords and receive traffic. It should bring new and interesting insights to the conversation if you want to take a step above the crowd, which is what we have been discussing for years, right. Many companies are including long-form content that provides real value to their strategy, as well as the weekly blogs and the daily social posts.

THINK: ebooks and online courses. You can also turn your blog posts into an email series.

CONTENT TREND #2: Add more personalisation

Content marketers will continue to move away from general topics that can be boring and distant to topics that are more specific and speak directly to the reader. That’s is, personalised topics that readers can relate to and will be of much value to them. Personalisation is going to be critical in 2016 as consumers get smarter about the way they digest information and are beginning to weed out unwanted information. This is where story-telling and sharing personal info about yourself will come into play.

THINK: Ask your customers what they are having trouble with and why they engage you and then answer those in a blog post, series of emails or an ebook.

CONTENT TREND #3: Upgrade your content

Calls to action at the bottom of your content are not as effective as they have been in the past. Stop using the auto-pilot tactics and employ new tactics that can fuel sign-ups and growth. Use new tactics like blending checklists, worksheets and templates in your blog posts.  They don’t have to be complicated or require plenty resources to create. They just have to relate to your post and offer more value than the post itself.

THINK: Link to  these templates and what not and ask for email address to receive them and you can build your list at the same time as giving value.

CONTENT TREND #4: Promotion-driven content

While you are developing high-quality targeted content that actually helps people, it is also important that your content is promotion driven. That is, content that you can actually promote and so can other people.

You can add quotes from influencers and mention people who will share your info. One of the best things we have done at the magazine that I edit (Get it magazine) is to gather a list of contributors who do work for us that month, send them a PDF of the story once it is published and as them to share their work on their social media streams and tag the magazine in it. It works so well to promote them and their work in the magazine. It’s a win-win situation for us both to get publicity and possible leads.

THINK: Get smart about introducing stories and info from other experts and then ask them to promote their work.

CONTENT TREND #5: Education-focused content

Your content marketing success will depend on how well you know your customers and then delivering a solution to the problems they didn’t even know they had.

When people want to know about something, the first place they’ll usually come to is Google. Providing educational information that can solve people’s problems is the silver bullet. Long-tail keywords will do the trick. Here’s some more info on keywords. But basically, long-tail keywords are less competitive and can match your content exactly to what readers want and what they are searching for. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and start asking yourself questions like “Does this answer my question?” and “If it does, is it the way I want it to?” once you’ve finished writing your content.

THINK: An ebook that answers the top five questions people are searching for or your customers are asking you. You may already have this info in the form of your FAQs; it may just need tweaking.

There’s never been a better time to take a step back and evaluate where your content marketing has taken your business and where you want it to take you in the future. Be innovative and use new and better tactics to achieve improved results.


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