Here are my 5 biggest ever content writing mistakes

Here are my 5 biggest ever content writing mistakes | EC Writing Services

Confession – I’ve made huge content writing mistakes that have cost me thousands of dollars!

I know, shock and horror!

In this blog, I’m lifting the lid on the biggest mistakes I have made with my content in the hope that you will stop making them too (or never make them in the first place!).

Now don’t get me wrong. Making mistakes is part of life, and I actually love making them (after I get over being angry at myself!) because I learn a heck of a lot.

But if you don’t really have to make them with your content, which is already time-consuming and taking you away from your life, family and loved ones (actually, all the other fun things in your world), then why would you?

1. Creating too much content

I’m starting with the biggest. One month we shared 720 pieces of content across all the platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus (when it was still around), Facebook personal, Facebook business page, Instagram, email, and blog. I’m not kidding.

I had taken (some really bad) advice about being on all the platforms and creating all new content for each platform every day. It was exhausting and it was costing more than $15,000 a year!

Now we have a proven content system and plan that means we only create 20-24 pieces of content every month.

2. I created the wrong content

I couldn’t believe it when I did this because this is something I always say to my Wow School Global students. Be clear about the message you want to shine through your content (and make it simple and easy to understand) – and don’t share content that goes over people’s heads!

But I went ahead and confused the bejeezus out of my audience by sharing content and strategies that were just too advanced for them. They needed baby steps, not the whole shebang.

3. I didn’t give my audience what they wanted (and no one bought my product!)

What I thought they wanted, they didn’t. Simple as that. I didn’t do my research and I didn’t ask my target market what they actually needed help with. Instead, I tried to tell them what they needed, when they didn’t even understand what it was they needed. Well, I’m sure you know how that went. 

The worst part was that I have spent so much time creating a new workshop and course with the content I thought they wanted and needed, and guess what? My ideal clients didn’t buy it!

4. I smashed my email list and socials and annoyed the heck out of people

Way before I knew what the etiquette was online, and how to work my promotion so it was valuable, interesting, and entertaining, I just used to smash out the promo content (with very little thought!). 

One week, I sent out 5 emails over 3 days promoting an event I was running because I’d left it to the last minute to organise and I was too busy promoting something else. 

Now my list is pretty good and we don’t have many unsubscribes – a few every time we sent an email, but they really got annoyed with me and they showed it with 100 unsubscribes in 24 hours, then 80 the next day and 50 on day three.

Now, I never worry about unsubs, but this was a message loud and clear – I was sending too many emails and they were sick of it!

5. I was thinking only of myself and my sales

For a few years, I was flitting all over the country presenting workshops and keynote speeches and speaking at events and conferences. It was full-on and I was exhausted. I still believed in doing all my own content – now I have help, like a sane normal business person.

The biggest mistake I made was not thinking about my audience and creating content specifically for them. I was only thinking about myself and how to make my next dollar – and this reflected in my content.

It was salesy and incongruent with everything I actually stood for. Plus that method had been working so I just kept doing it and I didn’t give my followers and clients a break with other cool content – the stuff I teach about now!

And so the emails started – “Liz, what’s happening, your content is really salesy and off-putting” was one email I remember clearly. I remember it because it hurt – but it was true.
If you’ve ever made any of these mistakes – I’m feeling you. And don’t worry, you can easily resurrect your good name, stop annoying people, and write content that actually gets results over the long term…

Do you want to learn how to write profit-driven content?

Do you want to learn how to write profit-driven content?

I don’t have time to write content. >>> said by almost all business owners at some point!

For me, this was a crippling struggle and limiting belief I had about my content a few years ago. I was so torn because here I am forever encouraging business owners to find the time to write and I was guilty of it too. I felt like such a fraud!

I needed to get a handle on it, but how do you find more time in an already-packed schedule?

Here’s what I did: 

>>> I dedicated time to writing once a week. I put it into my schedule as an appointment that I couldn’t miss, even if I wanted to. Just like I am doing right now, as I’m writing this to you.

>>> I also found an accountability group and an accountability buddy to help with whatever I was keeping myself accountable for – I just asked them to hold me accountable for my content.

>>> I would write when I was inspired. Sometimes it’s really hard just to sit there and write. So, regardless of what time it was or where I was, I would whip out a notebook and pen or my phone and start writing (I still do this!). I have been known to write a blog while doing a workout at the gym and while on a morning run (I have to record and transcribe those!).

The best thing you can do is start to create writing habits that suit you. In our Wow Words Membership, our participants get into the habit of writing with writing structures to follow and LIVE writing classes every month. 

If you are ready to take content into your own hands, we are here to help you. Check out the Wow Words membership and get control of your content once and for all with me as your guide. 

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