Have you got the Wow Factor?

Wow Factor level - Content writing journey

Content writing journey – Wow Factor level

Wow Factor level - Content writing journey

The Content Journey … it’s an exciting one. If you have been following along with our latest blogs and newsletters, you will know it can be hard without a clear plan, direction and focus, which is  why I put this 6-part blog series together.

The final blog is about the final level – the Wow Factor level.

But before we jump into it, let’s recap the other four levels. Where are you on this scale?

There are 5 levels to the Content Journey:

  • Discover – You’ve just realised you need content. Maybe a web developer, business coach or SEO expert has told you that you need it!

  • Get Started – You have started on the journey, probably with social media, and your eyes are wide open to all the possibilities. You are binging on anything and everything there is available (be careful with information overload!).

  • Progress – There are two ways this level can go: 1. You have been randomly creating content for a while, with some results, you are everywhere on every platform all the time, so why are you not getting better results? 2. Your wins from your content are sporadic because you are random and inconsistent with your posting. Really, you post when you remember because you are so busy. (Be careful of Content Burnout at this stage!).

  • Transform – The best level to be on because you have a strategy in place that’s working. Your content and goals are aligned and you post consistently with great results. You are still busy but not with your content because it is organised and you have a VA or content team posting and creating on your behalf. You could stay here, but so many more exciting opportunities await in the next level.

  • Wow Factor – You are now leveraging the heck out of your content – book, online programs, speaking, PR, media, courses, podcast, TV show, video series and other high-leverage activities. Your content works to get you targeted leads, online sales and new clients weekly.

This week we are talking about the Wow Factor – have you got it?! The Wow Factor level is the top of the journey – but it’s certainly not the end! In reality, it’s only the beginning.

So let’s take a look at what the Wow Factor level looks like.

Have you got the Wow Factor?

If you’ve got the Wow Factor then you are living the Wow Life … leads and sales are abundant, you have a team and you have time to do the things that matter most to you.

You have all of the 7 pieces of content and they work strategically together.

Your website gets regular traffic and leads, your blog is well read, your social platforms get engagement and inquiries come through your messaging platforms, you have a free download (or several), your landing pages have emails series attached them and you have a winning promotion post, plus you put out a regular newsletter.

Woo hoo! You are crushing it on the content front.

The most significant factor at this golden stage is that you are starting to go out to a wider audience, so that the leverage is more than just posting in social groups.

Leverage is your main word here.

You are doing interviews on podcasts or in the media, guest posting, other forms of public relations, and you have partnerships, referrals or affiliates. 

But you have also turned your content into other forms of profit-driven content.

You have more than one download – you have them for each level of your customer journey.

You are writing or you have a book.

You have turned that book into an online course that is ticking over the dollars (or something similar).

You are on the speaking circuit or you are a paid speaker. You have a winning presentation that gets sales.

You might be doing events or online events such as training days or webinars. These could be paid or are so well written and created that they get you initial sales.

Wow Factor level - Content writing journey

You, my friend, are a Content Star:

Stand out 

Take a stand

Attract more (clients, leads, sales, opportunities)

Reap the rewards 

You’ve got the Wow Factor.

Where to start with the Wow Factor level

You have your strategy.


You know how to create amazing content that gets results.


Or you have someone doing it for you.


You have a winning leads generation strategy.


You have a winning sales conversation that fetches minimum 10-30 per cent conversion (more is ideal!).


You have a winning promotion strategy.


You are hitting your leads and sales targets each week and the content strategies you have in place are working!

Right, it’s time to leverage your content by restyling it. And how do you do that?

  • Regular guest posting on several platforms
  • Webinars
  • Workshops and industry events
  • Free downloads
  • Speaking and media/podcast interviews (a full content schedule is ideal here)
  • Challenges or video series
  • Publish a book or a second book
  • Publish white papers or reports
  • Products backed by an advertisement

You decide to get a manager, publicist or mentor for this leg of the journey – and it would be wise to do so to help achieve your goals.

It’s time to think bigger … globally, think franchising, licensing, national and international tours, retreats in Australia or overseas, highly paid speaking gigs, innovation awards, high-level partnerships, paid collaborations and affiliates.

This is where your content takes a new lease on its life … it’s now not just about posting regularly to your social platforms, but making sure that your name is the one on people’s lips.

You are the expert in your field and everyone in your industry knows it.

I’m sure you know someone of this nature. They are well known, not to mention they are well paid and people flock to them.

So how do you hack this Wow Factor level?

You rally your team around you and you get the right mentors in place.

You focus. No distractions.



And organise every finite detail of your business, team and content.

You are quick to change things.

You don’t settle.

You measure your results and make adjustments.

You work with and reach out to the best of the best. You are strategic in everything you do and you think more commercially about your content.

Content = income

Remember that always!

This is an exciting level because it’s like you are starting again but with so much more knowledge that you had when you first started out.

To make it here is an awesome feat and you should be congratulated … so congratulations!

If you are not here yet, you have all this and more to look forward to if that’s your path. 

Leveraging your content so there less time-for-money work means more of the Wow Life – time with loved ones, travelling, working on your business, working on your health, taking up a new hobbies and generally just having more time to do whatever takes your fancy!

And you’ve got to be happy with that.

Wow Factor level - Content writing journey


I would love to know where you are at on the Content Journey. Please go over to my Facebook group and let me know.

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