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One of my best partnerships came from a Botox party! True story.

Granted he (let’s call him Ted) was not getting it and was just there in support of the business hosting the event, as was I. I had been doing some writing for a cosmetic doctor, who invited me to the opening of a new premise.

Apart from the topless male waiters, my colleague, “Ted”, was one of the only guys in the room. (Yes, I did just say topless male waiters). I jokingly teased him about being part of the entourage for these waiters and struck up
a conversation.

As often happens, he asked me: “So what do you do?” I had a wicked answer up my sleeve. I said: “I’m The Word Stylist and write web content for small businesses that rocks and gets results.”

That was it. He was a printer who’d branched out into a new SEO and web development company and we met the
following week to strike up a deal – a new partnership.

Some of my best partnerships have come from networking events.

Guest blogging is similar; it’s just that instead of being face to face you’re networking online with people you may
never meet, but could potentially work with.

Guest blogging is important for 3 main reasons

  • First, it’s a source of credibility and another way to promote you and what you do to get more people to
    your site.
  • Second, it helps you build more links.
  • And third, it helps you create communities and partnerships. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s

If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that bloggers look after other bloggers (as long as you are good and have quality things to say). Pretty much the same way that small businesses support small businesses.

The number one tip I’ve learned about networking is to really talk and connect with people. It’s the same in the Blogosphere.

You make contact with people, businesses or organisations where you think your content will add value to their readers’ lives, introduce yourself and start creating a relationship – you’ll be guest blogging in no time.

In time, you’ll call on each other for help and opportunities, and share stories and each other’s content, the same as you would in the real world.

HOT TIP: Spend time networking on the net with other bloggers you admire and strike up a relationship to create future opportunities for guest posts.

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