Get started with social, but don’t stop there!

Get Started level - Content writing journey

Content writing journey – Get Started level

Get Started level - Content writing journey

Welcome to the Get Started level – this is an awesome level to be on (but you don’t want to stay here for too long).

Why? Because it can pave the way to become very {VERY} busy and you can get lost down the content rabbit hole.

It’s on this level that you have stars in your big bright eyes and everything in the world of content (or business, wherever you are in your journey) is exciting and fun.

You’re about to go on a massive learning curve and you’re like a sponge … sinking in all the info you can.

And this is great and not so great at the same time!

But if you can hack your way out of this level quickly, you will be rewarded with new and consistent clients sooner – provided you know your Content Foundations (I’ll talk with you about this next week).

Here’s what the Get Started level looks like

You’ve got your social platforms and maybe a website in the works, or you have just launched a brand new site, but you don’t have some of the key pieces of content you need for online success, like a free download, blog or newsletter … yet.

Many people on this level choose to focus on their social media only (this is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make in business and with your content – and I talked more about this over on my Facebook page

If you are not one of these people above and you have started with social media but know you need a website, blog, video and so on, congratulations!

I love you! And thank you for understanding just how important the content journey is.

While the Get Started level is an awesome place to be – it really is fun! –  you might be feeling overwhelmed and confused, and you might start to suffer from information overload because you have been consuming so much free content, talking to so many people asking advice and attending to so many events!


Doing this becomes a massive information overload, and it can leave you feeling exhausted and wanting to put your head in the sand.

Please don’t do that! I talk to so many people who feel this way – but content is fun and I’d love you to start thinking that …

Content = Money (income)

Seriously, the only thing that’s getting in your way is that you may not know what steps to take next – and that’s OK, at least you have started. 

And you should be proud of yourself!

Get started with social media – but don’t stay here

Generally, people will start with social media, and then realise they need a website, blog, videos, landing pages, emails, a newsletter, and so on;  plus there are also suggestions from others in business about events, speaking, media, a podcast, etc, etc, etc.

There’s so much to learn and know.

The thing is, if you don’t have an awesome website, blog and social media online presence, first and foremost, when the media, an event organiser, speaker’s bureau, partners and anyone else who you are putting yourself in front of, they will likely find you online and see that you only have a social presence (and it might not be an awesome one). 

The first three pieces of content you need at this point in the journey is a website, blog and social media. Then you can branch out and get all the other fun and shiny things!

To move out of this “info overload” era and into the Progress level (you will read about this next week) – you need to stop binging on all the free stuff and take some time to figure out what you want for your business and then what you need to achieve it.

You know internally what path you want to take and your content will reflect this.

Who’s stalking you online?

Think about what you do when you meet someone? You go and stalk them online – sure, you will look at their social profiles and the pictures they upload, but a website cements you as a leader in your industry and a blog makes sure people know you are credible by the information you share.

In this Get Started step, you will realise you need a proper strategy and the skills to move into the Progress stage. These are probably the areas letting you down right now.

You are realising now that there is quite a lot of work involved in doing “all the things” but you decide to persevere and keep going with it.

How to move quickly through this level:

Get Started level - Content writing journey

Get a plan in place: Sit down and figure out what you want – without all the noise. If you are struggling, book a chat with me, I’m really good at figuring this out with you!

Learn the writing skills or outsource: See my post on outsourcing here

Stay on your path: There is plenty of time and you don’t have to do everything now!

Just remember – you want to make sure this Get Started level is organised and strategic so your next step into the Progress level isn’t fraught with overwhelm and content burnout.

It’s in the progress stage that you will hone your writing and creation skills, learn better time-saving tactics with your writing and get into a leverage mindset.

But the Progress level is also where businesses spend too much money, get so busy they are not watching their bottom line and can also grow too quickly. It’s where you will fall off the content writing bandwagon and go in search for other “silver bullets” (because you are busy being a business owner) only to realise there aren’t any silver bullets and you still need content writing in your life!

Stay tuned for more on the Progress level next week.

Get Started level - Content writing journey

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