Engagement without being annoying, pushy or ‘salesy’

how to get more engagement online - write awesome content!

Question: How do you really get more engagement online?

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Campbell. I’ve been business for 8 years – online content writing and telling stories since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I am an Amazon best-selling author – Wow Words on the Web, and just completed my new book The Divorce Diary (the ultimate story!)

I’ve spent the last 16 years as a journalist and editor, and now the founder of Wow School Global!

Social media is a critical part of business advertising and marketing today and it is important to get as much activity and engagement on your posts as humanly possible.

Here are 5 easy steps:

Engagement hack #1 – Stories!

Did you know that social storytelling is responsible for more than 65% of conversations had in public (Forbes)? Here are 3 stories that you can tell:

  • Struggle story
  • Business story
  • Your transition story about how you left your full-time job

Engagement hack #2 – Questions

Ask a simple question using your social media captions. Here are some examples of questions you can ask that have good engagement.

  • Business: Did you know, do you want to know how?
  • Personal: What are you doing on the weekend?

Engagement hack #3 – Personal photos

Share personal images of your family, partner, what you are doing, selfies etc. These are usually more interesting than stock photos and help your followers to relate with you much better. Social media is more effective when it is personalised.

Engagement hack #4 – Memes

Your page should be a little bit funny and witty. Share entertaining content like jokes, memes, puzzles, funny videos, etc. These types of content will draw an audience to your page and then you can add the more serious stuff in between when they are engaged already.

Engagement hack #5 – Direction

Give the direction of how you would like your people to engage with you by using a call to action! Tell them what you want them to do e.g. share, comment, sign up, etc.

This ensures that your audience knows what to do when the time comes, they can go to your website to see your latest product or subscribe to your newsletter or share the post about your recent updates.

When you use these strategies and create this type of content with a call to action, it means you “sell” more on social media/online, without being annoying, pushy or salesy!

Ready to learn how to write better content more confidently?

Would you like to get into better writing habits and write online content that actually works? Like, it really gets you the results you desire? Of course you do!

If your content is mediocre, boring, pushy, too salesy, or non-existent (I think I’ve covered everything there!) due to:

– No time to write.

– Lack of experience or no writing skills.

– Scared to put yourself out there.

– You’re just starting or getting back into it.

– Past strategies aren’t working any more. 


– Doing your washing… or any other procrastination tactic you have up your sleeve? You can rest easier now … and learn to fuel your business with amazing copy and I’m covering how to write confidently in my latest training here.

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