How to Get Famous Online: Start with your Blog

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Back in the day, famous people were usually known for being movie stars, performing artists, politicians, inventors and business people.

But the rise of the internet changed everything, and now people who would otherwise be anonymous are known worldwide…Like the dog next door, the baby down the road or your work colleague…case in point Tuna the dog, twin Leis and Lauren and Sydney Fashion Blogger.

<Google them if you need to, but make sure you come back! This is great blog post>.

If you have an exceptional talent the internet can help you be “discovered” by all the right people. You’re never too old or too young to achieve internet fame; there are kids under the age of 10 as well as adults over the age of 80 who are recognised all over cyberspace.

So how do you get your voice and content out there for the world to see? How do you go from being unknown to being an influencer with lots of followers and a large network? Try these tips…

  • Find Ways to Stand Out with your Blog Content

Some of the best blogs out there are variations on an existing idea. For example, there are thousands of personal finance blogs on the internet. Many of these blogs share the same information, but most of them focus on a different angle that appeals to their unique audience.

Take the topic of budgeting: a blog post about budgeting as a uni student will have different information than a blog post about budgeting for married couples. Taking unique perspectives on existing topics and infusing your personal touch into your content is a great way to get recognised.

NOTE: What can you wear or say that will set you apart from the rest? Still on the topic of finance … wearing a jacket with a money print all over may be just the ticket you need.

  • Start a Blog

Blogs are one of the best tools for getting your content noticed. If you’re comfortable with video you can also try making a vlog and posting your videos online. Your content needs to memorable, fresh, exciting and useful, and you need to make sure that you’re advertising it through the right channels in order to get noticed.

Try to have a clear theme for your blog so that readers know what to expect whenever they visit your site.

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  • Be Active on Social Media

Your audience wants to engage with you and wants to see what you’re up to. Social media is an awesome way to connect with your followers. You can be as open as you want, and you can brand your profiles so that they fit seamlessly with your website and videos.

Some people find it helpful to focus on one or two social media outlets at a time, while others will post to multiple sites at once. The key here is to go where your audience hangs out: for example, homemaking blogs can get a lot of traction from Pinterest, while photography blogs can benefit from a strong Instagram presence. Figure out where your audience is and work your way into their circle!

  • Get Some Media Coverage

Getting noticed by the media and making a journo your best friend can take your internet fame to the next level. Even if it’s local media, some coverage is better than no coverage.
You can attract media attention by pitching articles or ideas to news organisations, being active in your local community, establishing relationships with reporters and other influencers and seeking out opportunities to contribute to newspapers, magazines, journals or other publications. Media coverage is a great way to make the jump from obscurity to fame.

  • Land a Guest Posting Gig

Collaborating with other influencers is a must for getting exposure online. Posting one or two articles on someone else’s site is a good way to start, but ideally you can land a gig where you’re a regular contributor to another blog or publication.

This helps people get familiar with your face, your voice and your content, and brings in new leads for your blog. Over time you can get multiple guest posting gigs if you want to continue reaching out to new audiences.

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