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Content writing made easy EC Writing Services Elizabeth Campbell 0427 366 824As I’m sure you know, not all content is good.

In fact, some of it’s pretty awful. I’m sure you’ve had a moment when you just wanted a quick, reliable answer to a question and could only find websites that were all fluff, puff and guff; that danced around the topic and gave you a taste of what you were looking for but didn’t give specifics; or had the information you were looking for just not in a readable format. Basically, it was of no help and you just wasted who knows how long in front of the computer and you still didn’t have the answer. Talk about frustrating!

Anyone can create a website, write a blog post, film a video on their phone or update their Facebook status, but it takes great content to make you stand out. You know what I mean – when a string of words comes together that is amazing, beautiful and powerful, all wrapped up into one ball of WOW.

Wow Words on the Web solves 3 major problems business owners face:

The reason I’ve written this book is because I believe everyone can look good online through the power and beauty of words, aka word styling.

After working with – and writing content for – thousands of small businesses throughout my career as a journalist and an entrepreneur, when it comes to the content catwalk, I notice many people are able to style their business offline, but aren’t styling it online. They can’t seem to find the right words. This leads to three common problems:

  1. Business owners are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  2. They have a poor online presence.
  3. Few online leads.

This is caused by the belief they can’t write and lack of knowledge (the how-to). I believe everyone can write and you can understand it – if you know how. It’s just the “how-to” that’s getting in your way.

Some business owners don’t understand why having an online presence is important.

WOW_bookLet me explain – there is this massive wave that everyone is riding at the moment and it’s called content marketing, aka what I call the “content catwalk”. Google’s algorithms are becoming more focused on quality content, which means that the words in your blogs, online articles, ebooks and website pages have never been more important. If you get left behind in the wash of this wave, you are doing your business a disservice. There is no reason why small businesses can’t look good online through the power and beauty of words they have written themselves.

Hmmm, there’s a blog post in that.

This book will also teach you how to optimise your content so that it works for Google and the other search engines, while still giving your readers what they want and need.

If this sounds like your kind of thang, please have a read of the first chapter.


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