Dream bigger: 43 things I’ve done to make my biz better

It's time to dream bigger says The Word Stylist Elizabeth Campbell, EC Writing Services

It’s easy to forget what we do in our businesses that can make such a difference in our personal lives. This year I want to dream bigger and do more. Here are some things I did to help my biz and me personally.

  1. I get regular counselling – I talk with a Sue Scarrow, a tapping specialist. If you don’t know what that is, check out her website. It works wonders for getting rid of blocks in my personal and biz life. Goodbye money blocks, self-doubt and negative thoughts. I talk with her monthly. She helps me dream bigger.
  2. Deleted toxic, complicated or unhelpful clients and relationships from my life. I’m not going to apologise for only wanting to be around positive, upbeat, real people. This is for my own sanity. Simple as that.
  3. I got a social media manager. I have five platforms and two groups at this stage and the time it was taking me to do it meant no work-life balance. So I outsourced it.
  4. Outsourced my inbox. Same deal. Inquiries and opportunities were going unread because I couldn’t find the time to get back to everyone.
  5. Hired a client relationships manager…she’s awesome. She is sorting out my systems and processes. Best decision I’ve ever made because now all of the stuff that’s in my head is coming out and into Asana.
  6. I started using Asana a project management tool. It was life-changing. I’ve tried others but it wasn’t until another businesswoman showed me how to use it properly that I actually got it.
  7. Went on three holidays (so far). This has done wondrous things for me. 1). It’s given me a break and new lease on my biz and life. 2). It’s allowed me to see what doesn’t work in my biz so I can fix it and actually start to take myself out of it. 3). Helped me appreciate all that is good in the world.
  8. Not working weekends, unless I have to. Right now, it’s Sunday and I’m writing you this blog, but as I’m growing this biz I need to do a bit on the weekends. I’ve just stopped doing so much of it.
  9. I did two courses that have changed my biz and life. Francesca Moi’s Follow Me two-day intensive on how to successful events and Andrew Griffith’s Transform your Business 52-week online course. Now I’m still flat out and time to myself is precious, but long term, I’m setting myself and my business up for overall success so can lead the life I want.
  10. I started eating cleaner and less processed food, limited intake of alcohol and coffee, and built exercise into my schedule twice a day. You wouldn’t believe the difference this has had to my mental health and clarity.
  11. Self-love activities became a daily activity. I make time for the things I love to do and want to learn because the joy I get some dancing, hot yoga, walking, gardening, writing, catching up with friends, personal development, watching movies, my gratitude book, reading and so on puts me in a such amazing frame and I feel inspired and motivated.
  12. Started reading more. I have several books on the go.
  13. Started teaching people how to write with regular writing workshops.
  14. Started a networking group where I get to meet and hang with like-minded business people.
  15. Stopping talking about business with my best friends. Instead, we talk about so much other cool stuff.
  16. I let go – of anything and everything that didn’t make me happy.
  17. I started meditating more. See ya later old past thoughts I can’t do anything about.
  18. Stopped watching TV. I hardly ever have it going unless I just feel like a veg out and then I’ll usually watch a movie.
  19. Coloured in.
  20. Started using Facebook and groups to promote what I’m up to.
  21. Replied to every comment I received to stay connected to my friends, family and colleagues.
  22. Launched Australia’s first blogging retreat for business owners.
  23. Expanded my workshops into Melbourne and Sydney.
  24. Planned 2017 in 2016.
  25. Went on a speaking tour.
  26. Got more speaking and interview gigs.
  27. Decided to face my fears. If I had a fear that was holding me back I was going to face it head on.
  28. Said no when I didn’t want to do something or go somewhere. Very powerful those two letters.
  29. Decided to play a bigger business game and life a bigger more full life. I started to really visualise what I wanted in life.
  30. Visualised myself and how I want my life to be every night before I fall asleep. #dreambigger
  31. Saw a psychic and had an energy healing.
  32. Found new mentors.
  33. Got a new accountability buddy.
  34. Got good at my finances – money, saving, not spending so much, being clever in my biz and so on.
  35. Fell in a heap on the fall numerous times and cried my little heart out. Then got up, took action, learned from my mistakes (somewhat) and moved on.
  36. Got more sleep.
  37. Hung out with my family more.
  38. Started giving more to organisations I am passionate about. My business networking group Business Styling raises “rizes” money for RizeUp, an organisation dedicated to ending domestic and family violence.
  39. Started writing more and planning my next book The Divorce Diary: Separate, divorce, save your sanity and your business.
  40. To dream bigger I put more emphasis on the value I offer people and how I can change their business.
  41. Put my rates up.
  42. Learned to be great on my own. I am all I need.
  43. Believed in myself … I can do and be anything I want.

Often it’s the little things that help move us forward. Some of the items on my list a very simple and have helped so much in gaining clarity and what I truly honestly want…to dream bigger and achieve those dreams

I hope this has helped you even just a tiny bit. Let me know what you’ve done this year.


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