Content writing ideas: Your Christmas and New Year content sorted!

Wow School Global Elizabeth Campbell content writing ideas for Christmas

This time of year can get really busy and overwhelming because there is so much to do before the big day.

I know, I feel it and my clients let me know too.

So in order to help you continue putting out content … here are some content writing ideas and tips for you to use this month and in January too. These copywriting ideas are easy to do (some are quicker than others), but you choose what you put out there and what’s easiest for you!

Just don’t stop creating content at this time of year because it is now when you should be sharing your awesome words!

12 content writing ideas for the festive season:

  • “Work with me” post: Let your audience know how they can work with you in the new year. Outline what you have to offer.
  • Holiday hours post: It’s time to get into the spirit of the festive season and share your holiday hours and shut-down periods. Allow people enough time to get in touch to get work done. Let people know you are having a break.
  • Sing-a-long post: Share your favourite Christmas song and ask people to share their fave songs with you too.
  • Christmas Party: Share happy snaps of your annual Christmas party. People love seeing what you get up to with your team. If you don’t have a party, but you are going to events, share that instead. Or post a pic of you raising your glass to the festive season!

One of my clients is a solopreneur and she messaged me to say she was going to do this post but just with her family. You can take these ideas and make them yours however you like!

  • Christmas gift: Are you giving your audience or VIP list a gift this year? This is not an “offer” or a “discount” – this is an actual free gift. It can be physical (you might ask them to pay for postage) or digital.

Psst: I‘ve got something for you at the end of this blog!

  • Family tradition: Share a family tradition with your audience such as putting up the tree (obvious one!), looking at Christmas lights or cooking together.

We have always cooked together! When I was growing up, mum would cook a Christmas fruit cake (I was never a fan until I got older!) and we would all have a stir and make a wish. We still do this. In fact, just this week when Mum was making it, Dad, Raf and I all had a stir and made a wish.

  • Christmas/December promotion: What are you offering now for the month of December? Christmas products, discounts, packages for 2022? Share them now!
  • 2021 reflections: Share the best (and maybe some lessons) from 2021. This is a looking-back-to-go-forward type of post. Inspiring! This is a wonderful post to write for yourself so you can see how far you have come. We forget what we have done throughout the year!
  • Santa photos: Dragged to Santa photos when you were a kid? Share them! Love that it is a bit of fun!
  • Merry Christmas: Remember to wish your followers, audience and VIP list a Merry Christmas!

HOT TIP: While these ideas are more for social media posts, they could also be blogs or newsletters, you would just add more to each one, for example, with this post wishing people a Merry Christmas, you can add: 5 things you are grateful for, the things you will change in the new year, other important messages like closing times and why it’s important to take a break, favourite Christmas family holidays, what Christmas means to you, and so on.

  • Happy new year: Remember to wish your followers, audience and VIP list a Happy New Year or do a New Year’s Eve post!
  • Share your vision: Share your vision and goals for 2022 – what do you want to achieve? Your audience wants to see you win and succeed. This is an uplifting post!

I look forward to seeing your Christmas content!

Need more content writing ideas?

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