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Wow School … Digital content writing courses and solutions: If your business and your content are keeping you up at night because you’re:

  1. Overwhelmed and don’t have a strategy to success
  2. Convinced you don’t have the skills to write {the how}
  3. Time poor and doing million other things

Let’s talk about our digital content writing courses and web writing services.

Where would we be without words?

Imagine a world without words …no Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies, no State of Origin commentary, no Dan Brown books, it would be goodbye to mummy bloggers, the 7pm Project would be cactus, no Sex-and-the-City-style chinwag over cocktails and – wait for it – there would be no internet, let alone Facebook and hashtags! #ohmygod

It would be a catastrophe!

Words are a key form of communication and, I believe, the single most important tool when it comes to your business. What else do you use as frequently as words when it comes to your website, email, social media platforms, business proposals, meetings, presentations, sales collateral, advertising, and podcasts?

Content writing courses with Elizabeth CampbellIt really boils down to one thing: words equal content – and every business uses content in some capacity.

So how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

The answer is quality content (and our digital content writing courses). A truer word has never been spoken since Bill Gates coined the catchphrase “content is king” way back in 1996.

Great content should be unique and useful to the readers whether it is a website, newspaper article, blog or social media update. It will always win in the end. I have always been of the conclusion that it’s worth the extra effort and for me, writing has always been about quality, credibility, and consistency.

Consistently good copy with and credible facts and sources is the only way to shine.


OUR PROMISE TO YOU: EC Writing Services is a professional content writing trainer for small to medium-size businesses and individuals who want to transform their business and their life through the power and beauty of words. AKA we teach through digital content writing courses!

We want to showcase you in the best possible light and make sure you stand out from the crowd, create engagement and generate leads from every word that leaves your fingertips!

Ultimately, more leads, opportunities, and sales would be the optimum outcome for you, but it would leave us feeling warm and fuzzy too.

Most of our work – actually about 90 percent of it – comes from our content and putting ourselves out there online, and then referrals from current and past customers and partnerships, and we have a heap of lovely testimonials to back up what we say. You won’t just be a satisfied customer, you will be delighted with our digital content writing courses, products and web writing services.

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