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Riddle me this: What are you doing to leave a legacy behind? How are you helping the world with your business? What is your business purpose? 

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” – Benjamin Franklin

If Mr Franklin says that’s how you can leave a lasting impression in this beautiful world full of content opportunities, then it must be true, right?!

You have probably heard this enough (or maybe you haven’t), but a clear, consistent and powerful core message in your content and marketing campaigns can be the deciding factor to make your business even more successful.
One aspect that a lot of business owners struggle with is figuring out this very “core message” in their marketing.

In this blog, I am going to break it down and help you figure out your core message so you can blow out on social media and get the desired results.

Understanding your core message in content

DID YOU KNOW: Back in the ’70s, the average person saw around 500 ads a day. Now it’s more like 6000-10,000 according to PPC Protect – and it’s growing exponentially.

Owing to excess content consumption, valuable and crisp content has become a necessity for online success.

One of the aspects of this “valuable content” also means that you have an opportunity to outshine others by polishing your core message, translating your business purpose into every blog or social post that goes out to your audience.

I hope this helps you and your business in the content world:

  • What is the core message in your business?

    What is your purpose, why are you in business and what do you do to help people? These are questions you will certainly find answers to as a biz owner. If you do not know what your business purpose is, then it’s time you nail that down.  
  • Review your core message at regular intervals.

    For instance, given the current climate, most businesses across the world have had to change their message. When there are times like these, it is always a good idea for you to ensure that your message is clear and relevant. 
  • Do you need to change or tweak any words?  

    Change is constant for any business. Chances are, you have already tweaked your message in the past because you underwent changes of some sort. Or maybe it is worth reviewing your business purpose and goals to make sure you are connected with your core message and that you still believe in it.

  • Does your message fit in everywhere?

    If you happen to change or tweak your message, don’t forget to make sure that you realign your message with the images, emojis and visuals that you are using. This means, every campaign, emails, newsletters, social posts and blogs. 

Do you have to reposition or repurpose the core message?

Maybe your audience just doesn’t understand what you are trying to convey. Or you are unable to put it into words. The easiest way to reposition your message is for you to go back to your target market and ask yourself this – what do they want from you?

What are the words and phrases that they are using? What are the questions they have? Write it all down.

Now, sit back and look at your notebook or document to find out the similarities or common themes that you can spot regarding what your audience really needs from your business. When you know the words, phrases and themes, you can figure out your message.

PRO TIP: Create a message that you believe in, but is also suitable for your ideal clients or ‘audience persona’ – who will benefit from it.

With regards to your message, you can always come back to review these four questions: 

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do? 
  3. What problems do you solve? 
  4. How do you help people?

Answer these and you will have everything you need to reposition your message or whether you really have to change anything at all.

How to perfectly blend your core message in your content

Now that your core message is ready to go, a mammoth challenge is how you can integrate some intense, powerful and broad message into your content, share it with the world for people to notice it and relate to it? 

Answer: Content catchphrases

Your message needs to shine in the limelight, bold and clear. So, you can incorporate it within – headlines, lead sentences and calls to action – which are the highlights in every content piece and what your readers today will expect to see.  

Content tip: Around three to five content catchphrases to begin with are ideal for any business. This is also a way for you to ensure that you do not have 10-15 different ones that are worlds apart, sending out mixed messages and confusing your audience.

Having a content catchphrase also means that you should not be shy to use it everywhere you see fit. For instance, these are my phrases that you may have come across: 

1. Commit to content
2. Get your business online

3. Wow words 

4. Look good online

5. Write content that gets results

Tip: Always listen to your audience and keep an eye out for something different that comes up in your conversations, comments, questions or discussions and has the potential to be a part of your core message.  

This way, your content, business purpose, message and what your target audience wants are eternally linked. 

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