1-minute copy: Writing your content in 60 seconds!

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Yes, you read that right, it’s not clickbait, I promise! Writing your content can be as easy as sparing one minute of your time. But there is a trick – it’s called 1-minute content for a reason and that’s because not all content is created equally.

Now, of course, you can’t write all of your content in one minute, but you can certainly write some of your content in 60 seconds. Set a timer and see!

In this blog, I’d like you to start thinking differently about your content and copywriting. You don’t need to set aside 1-2 hours every week just to write a blog. You can, but you’re doing the old-school way! Nowadays, there’s a new trend and it’s writing on-the-go and doing so in only minutes.

If that’s all you’ve got to spare – then that’s how you use your time to write your content.

My 1-minute Copywriting Method and Content Timeline

  • 1-minute content
  • 5-minute content
  • 10-minute content
  • 30-minute content 
  • 60+- minute content

Various pieces of content take longer to write than others. A sales page will take you longer than a social post (usually!). So I’ve broken it down into minutes so you can use your time wisely and still pump out your content!

You can then work out what time you’ve got and what you can realistically get written so writing your content doesn’t become a burden – and you actually enjoy it because you start to see results!

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get more clients content writing EC Writing Services Wow School Global writing your content

1-minute content

  • Tweet
  • Writing a blog headlines
  • Writing a headline and lead sentence grab for a social post (2 sentences max)
  • Adding words to a picture quote 
  • Finding a stat to use on social media or in your blog (save it to your notes section)
  • Talking for one minute on your Stories (or to transcribe)
  • Creating a poll
  • Answering a simple and easy FAQ

5-minute content

  • A thought leadership social post on what you stand for in business
  • A value-add or how-to post with 1-3 quick steps
  • Headline, lead sentence, or call to action for your blog
  • Dot pointing out the body of an upcoming blog (to write later when you have more time)
  • Writing an invitation to your email list for your next webinar
  • Facebook live content plan – what you’re going to say
  • Facebook live for 5 minutes with an update
  • Writing a “Question and Answer” post for social media

10-minute content

  • Planning your blogs for the next month
  • Writing the body in dot points for your blog
  • 2-3x substantial social posts
  • 1x email blast for your list
  • 1x promotion post for email list and social media
  • Updating 1x website page with new information (for example, to your home page or adding a new service to your “work with me” page)
  • Facebook live to teach a topic

30-minute content

  • Full-size and complete blog
  • Landing page for an upcoming event, for example, a webinar sign-up page
  • A new page for your website, for example, adding your new book
  • Full and complete newsletter

60+-minute content

  • Sales page for a new product, service, or offering (2-5+ hours)
  • Email series of 3-5 emails for a welcome series or reminder sequence ( 3-5+ hours)
  • Email series for an upsell after an online event or product download (3-5+ hours)
  • Full website content (Home, About, Services overview page, Blog, Contact us page) (5-8+ hours)
  • Free PDF download (copy only, not including design) (2-5+) hours

Write copy like a pro to get more leads and sales

Any business owner can write copy like a pro to get more leads and sales … and there are 5 success keys your content needs to get better results:

1️⃣ Topics, strategy and a content plan

2️⃣ Understanding your style, tone and personality online

3️⃣ Using stories, stats and other elements

4️⃣ Writing content with a structure

5️⃣ Sales content, promotion plan and follow up

When you align these five areas you’re guaranteed to see more leads, sales, clients and repeat business.

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