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Copy writing resources and gifts

Copywriting resources: You work hard in your business, you deserve some free gifts and copywriting resources! Save time and money and learn new skills, tips and tricks.

So just how do you write great quality copy and content your potential customers and Google want to read, which also makes you stand out from your competitors, generates inquiries and boosts your profile?

Is this a question that wakes you up at night? Well, maybe it’s not that extreme, but it does have you wondering, doesn’t it?

There are three characteristics we believe you need to write awesome online content:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Credibility

Great web content writing should be unique and useful to the readers whether it is a website page, blog post, video script or social media update. It will always win in the end because people will come back for more.

In my 16+ years’ experience as a newspaper journalist and magazine feature writer and editor, and 6+ years as a web content writer and professional content writing company, it has always been the quality of the content that positioned our products, clients and business ahead of the competition (we won awards!) and being consistent in your writing style and using credible facts and sources will help you shine even more brightly.

And that is where your free copywriting resources and gifts come in.

Copywriting resources with Liz CampbellThey are designed to make your life easier when it comes to writing on the web.

You will find them helpful in coming up with ideas, overcoming mistakes and learning tips and tricks that will help you stand out, educate your audience (who are your potential customers), leave a lasting impression (so they come back), generate inquiries and, ultimately, make you look good online.

I believe everyone can write their own web content…and do an awesome job of it! You just need the right copywriting resources, tools and guidance.

Liz Campbell and the

The Wow Team x


I knew I had to start blogging for my new start-up business. Problem was it was too hard to start. Enter Liz Campbell’s free downloads on her website which was just what I needed to get my act together. These downloads had solid advice that I followed to the letter. I now have 90 topics that I can write a blog about – awesome! Here we are two days later and I have two blogs already written, one with a link to a free download on my website. I am writing one a day, following Liz’s techniques it only takes about 30 minutes for each blog. Thanks Liz for these resources, you rock!

Elizabeth Gillam; author, speaker, mentor
Franchisee Success,