Copywriting FAQs: What’s frustrating business owners like you?

Copywriting FAQs: What’s frustrating business owners like you? | copywriting courses | Elizabeth Campbell

I recently ran a live webinar called Content 2 Cash, where I shared tips to help business owners generate more leads and inquiries to get more clients. Did you catch it?

I always get questions about content and copywriting – almost every day actually – so I thought I’d share the very latest copywriting frustrations straight from business owners’ fingers in my Masterclass forum.

Here’s what’s eating you guys up about your online content!

1. I’m not getting clients or inquiries from my posts…

I know that can be disappointing and frustrating. I want you to know, you are not alone, and this is a very common issue many business owners have. It’s also an issue that can be fixed easily and quickly! 

HOT TIP: Learn how to write an amazing promotion post you can use on social media and for email blasts. Its job is to promote an event or free content you have and get signups to your email list.

In my copywriting courses, I cover how to write content that gets results so that people send PMs and emails to you asking how to work with you. I have 3x great promotion post templates that I know work because my clients and I have been using them for years!

2. Blogging takes me two hours; how can I get that down to 30 minutes?

If you have trouble blogging and it takes you two hours to write a blog – rest assured. By using my templates, you will get this down to 30 minutes.

My Editorial Calendar template and 2x very specific writing and restyling techniques in my copywriting courses will help cut down your writing time by at least half – if not more! 

HOT TIP: I’ve got a free blog-writing template in my Content Writing Pack and you can get it right here!

Plus having me there as your personal writing mentor and accountability buddy will make writing easier because I will be helping you hone your skills.

3. Planning my content and showing up consistently is my struggle; how can I make it easier?

If planning and showing up consistently is getting you down…you’re not alone! And it can be so time-consuming!

However, in my copywriting courses, I have three awesome and automated templates that I created and use; I think you will find them very helpful!

  1. Content Creator – automated headline and hook creator
  2. Blog planner – automated 12-month topics list targeted to your audience
  3. Editorial Calendar – semi-automated to get you started by writing your first 300 words for you.

HOT TIP: Planning your content will make it simple and easy to write, especially when it comes to a topics list, what/where to post, and understanding your content strategies and then actually writing it. It will also help you stay accountable to yourself.

4. I have trouble getting started and then staying in the flow

Getting started and staying in the flow can be hard sometimes, but you can overcome this issue with particular writing practices and habits, which I share, and you develop, in my copywriting courses.

Some easy ones are making time to write, writing when you are inspired, and jotting down your ideas when they come to mind. However, there are other things you can do too that are more structured!

HOT TIP: Having an accountability buddy and writing mentor will be hugely valuable for staying on track too. Who do you know who can help you with this task?

Need some help with your copywriting?

There are 5 success keys your content needs to get better results, while also saving your precious time.

1. Topics, strategy and a content plan

2. Understanding your style, tone and personality online

3. What to share: Stories, stats and other elements

4. Writing content with a structure

5. Sales and follow up

When you align these five areas you’re guaranteed to see more leads, sales, clients and repeat business.

Grab my Content Writing Pack here and start writing amazing online content to boost your business.  

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