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About 67 per cent of people have a gym membership but never use it. Of those who do use theirs most people hit the gym about twice a week. But I reckon I’m about the only who uses this time to write a blog. It is absolutely possible to do a work and write your weekly blog at the same time – and it’s pretty easy too.

NOTE: Of course, if you’re a hard-core workout fein who lifts massively heavy weights, I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

In our content-driven world we are becoming accustomed to not switching off and consuming a lot of content. I like to get the most out of my time, but I still switch off too (meditation is good for that). Even when I’m doing nothing, I’m still painting my nails, listening to affirmations and reading a blog <insert winky face>.

Here’s the content-writing method on how to do a lower-body workout, listen to a podcast and write a blog all at the same time and in under an hour.

  1. Treadmill warm up 5-10 mins – find podcast to listen to.
  2. Hip abductor (inner and outer leg), three sets of 15 with whatever weight you choose. Take notes from podcast to get an idea of what’s trending and find an angle to write about.
  3. Seated leg curl, three sets of 15 whatever weight that works for you. Open email to myself. Start writing down ideas and what I think is the guts of the story.
  4. Squats, three sets of 15, whatever weight. Do a bit of research online looking for stars or other reports and opinions on my chosen topic. I have to do this in between sets, of course. I’m not that talented! I can’t find anything on this topic that’s either a good thing or a bad thing! I’m going with good. Breaking new ground, you know.
  5. Free weight lunges, three sets of 15 each leg, whatever weight. Wrap it up. At this point I only have abs and stretches to do some it’s time wrap this blog baby up. I write the lead sentence and headline. Skip back to the bottom and write my call to action. I’ll have to massage it bit more, but the Louboutins have hit the ground running on the content catwalk at this stage and it’s not far from being finished.
  6. Abs on fit ball, three sets of 15, with 10kg free weight. Quick read through between sets. At this stage it will do and I hit send on the email to myself. When I get home I’ll proof read it and make sure it’s OK. After all, I have just written a blog while doing a workout!

Give it a try and let me know how you go!



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