This is what happens when you talk about what you do!

Find content writing work on Tinder and Meetup, writes Elizabeth Campbell

Fun fact: Tinder is not just used to find NSA and FWB (you can look those up!) … or your one true love. I found online content writing work there!

Business owners are actually setting up Tinder profiles as business-style ads. Not sure how that’s going for them … but here are three unusual places I’ve find content writing work and why you need to talk about your business so you can find extra work too:

1. Tinder

There, I said it. I WAS on Tinder for a very short amount of time. Online dating does my head in and is definitely not for me. But what I found was – because I am so Google-able – I got new contacts and new work. One guy actually asked me was I was “The Liz Campbell who has written a book”. I was a bit chuffed albeit scared at the same time. He said he was in the midst of starting a business and would require my services in the future.

I also noticed a bunch of profiles that we were basically set up as “ads” and the profile pictures were logos with a phone number of the business. A bit clever and outside the box, I guess.

2. Meetup

I started a networking event with year. It’s called Business Styling Brisbane and it’s for business owners who want to style their businesses so they can live life on their terms and not have the business dictate those terms to them.

It’s gone absolutely berserk and I now have a community of more than 700 people and we regularly get 50-60 people in a room once a month to listen to guest speakers, network face to face and take our businesses to the next level.

The amount of opportunities and content writing work this has led to is incredible. It’s also helped me get bums on seats for my writing courses.

3. Service station

I had just been the guest speaker at a networking event on the Gold Coast and was heading back to Brisbane when I noticed the fuel light on. Gah! Stopping for fuel is something I really loathe. I can’t tell you why, I just find it annoying.

As I’m filling up the car, this young woman in a hi-vis vest starts walking over and waving at me. I did a double take … do I know her? I looked behind me … was she talking to someone else? Nope, she was coming straight for me. Oh, God. What had I done?

“No, no, you haven’t done anything wrong … I just want to show you a product that will get rid of …”, that’s when I tuned out a little bit. Long story short, she showed me this cool product that could not only clean my car but the shower and the oven as well – and I got sucked in and bought a can of it.

While she was pitching me (she was extremely good at her sales conversation skills and I was impressed) she said I looked really “posh” and asked where had I been? I told her I had just spoken at an event on the Gold Coast. “What do you speak about?” Blogging, I actually teach small business owners how to blog to boost their business.

“Wow. We need to talk,” she said. “Do you do workshops?” Yes. “Will you come to my business and teach me and my team how to do it?” Yes, of course!

Maybe filling up with fuel isn’t so annoying after all!


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