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HOT CONTENT WRITING TIP: As a business and website owner, you want (and need!) your pages to rank highly in search engines. As we stated in our last blog article, a big part of having SEO (search engine optimisation) success is having great content on your page – that means content that ranks.

And content writing is the key!

Designing and creating a website that looks good and ranks well is not as simple as you might think. Many, many websites out there look fantastic to the eye, but don’t perform well at all in online searches. Why? Because the mix is all wrong when it comes to an optimised page.

Likewise, many pages that might rank in an impressive way with search engines actually look dull and boring – even tedious – to the eye. Thanks to this, despite generating lots of traffic, that traffic doesn’t result in people staying on and exploring the page, or clicking through to where it really matters.

Content is the key to SEO Elizabeth Campbell EC Writing Services

Here are some basic tips to get started creating great content that will help your website rank well – and please its audience!

  • Content includes text

Without textual content, your page will not rank – it’s that simple. Ideally, your home page will have at least between three hundred and fifty and five hundred words of quality, well-written text content. Internal landing pages can have a little less (two hundred and fifty is a good benchmark as a minimum). Make it relevant to each page’s purpose.


  • Choose relevant keywords – and insert them well

Don’t overuse your keywords (this is known as “stuffing”). Choose keywords that people who you wish to attract to your site will use to search online, and for which you can provide a solution.

  • Know your audience

Who are they? What will bring them to your website? What drives and motivates them? Determine your website tone and aesthetic based on who your target audience is.


  • Make your content dynamic

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is via your blog! Update it with a new post at least once fortnightly, and make sure each piece you write or share is unique, of high-quality, informative, relevant, interesting and of value to your audience in some way. It needs to be compelling and even inspiring so that it will be read through and, ideally, shared with others. This is also a great way to prove your expertise in your field.


  • Use social media and link it to your website – and vice versa


  • Build links

But without being irrelevant. Remember, nobody likes spam! Insert links to your content that are resourceful (For example, to your blog) that reference a statement you’re making, or that are newsworthy or inspirational.

  • Check all spelling, punctuation, and grammar

If you’re not 100 per cent certain, enlist a professional proof-reader or editor.


The other thing you must remember is to be original. Take inspiration from others by all means, but make your content your own. Alternatively, hire a professional content writer or copy writer to produce high quality content that is SEO optimised for your website’s ultimate success.

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