Content Writing Success: Turn these 7 deadly sins into mega writing wins!

Content Writing Success: Turn these 7 deadly sins into mega writing wins! | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Is your content writing success online determined by these 7 deadly sins? 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Content and copywriting needs to be high (like, way up there high!) on your business to-do list. If it’s not, change this now!

And here’s why…

What you need to know about content:

  • Content marketing is set to be an industry worth $412.88 billion in 2021 (Technavio) – so it’s not going anywhere.  
  • You need between 5-20 touchpoints with people before they will even entertain the thought of buying from you  – the average is 8, according to Hubspot.
  • There’s been a +50% increase in content consumption in Australia since the pandemic and a 215% increase in the States (Neilson) – so reaching your desired and highly engaged audience has never been easier.
  • 90% of purchasing decisions are made before the sale and comes from your content. “Perhaps the most striking buyer’s journey stat is the fact that buyers can get anywhere up to 90% of the way through their journey before a conversation about sales happens.” (LinkedIn)

Knowing this and the fact you want content writing success online too … where does content sit on your list of business priorities? Is it a high or low priority for you?

When I asked this question in a recent webinar, these are some of the answers I received:

  • non-existent
  • sporadic
  • you do it sometimes when you think of it
  • you’ve been meaning to do it but don’t get time
  • it’s a high priority, but you’re not very good at it, and it takes ages
  • you spend way too much time on social media
  • you want it to be a high priority – but it’s got to be easy for you to manage with everything else you have to do
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The 7 Deadly Sins that are Sabotaging Your Content Writing Success

  • No content plan, no strategy, no targeted topics list
  • Posting too much / trying too many different strategies at the same time and not allowing them to work within an acceptable time frame
  • Not posting regularly and being sporadic with your content
  • Writing “boring” content that’s either goes over your audiences’ heads because it’s too technical or uses too much jargon
  • Not writing with a structure or using various types of content – so writing takes ages and is hard work / and your audiences’ eyes start to flicker as they fall asleep
  • Thinking all you have to do is post your content to your social or website and that’s it
  • No promotion plan or follow up

How to turn these sins into wins:

  • Put a content plan in place with a targeted topics list … know what you are doing in 3-month increments and write copy to match your business goals. 
  • Understand what has worked for you in the past – keep using these strategies until they no longer work. If you are posting too much, do some research on the platform and ask your audience how often they want to hear from you. Understand that strategies take time to work – you need to give it at least 3 months and you need to track your results. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean the strategy is flawed; try it again in a different way, keep learning and researching.
  • Be consistent online – all the big guns in town will tell you this is probably the biggest tip they have and the best thing you can do. Just keep showing up. Tweak your content plan and strategies and keep on posting – even if you think people aren’t watching, they are. Give them a reason to interact with you.
  • Write conversationally and write about topics that interest your audience and readers. What you might think is “boring” content might actually be something they are interested in. It’s easy to jazz up a piece of content that you think is boring with a fact or truth bomb or even an inspirational quote. If you get too technical or use too much jargon, you’ll lose them, so simply write the way you would if you were speaking face to face with someone.
  • Use the Hourglass Word Styling Figure to structure your content. It’s my trademarked process and it’s based on my journalism experience of 20+ years. It makes writing easy and fast.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you just posted a blog to your website and everyone saw it?! Boom, immediate content writing success. Sadly, this only happens if you’re active in promoting your content, plaster it everywhere you can think of online, and you’ll have an engaged audience. This is where you’ll get the best results.
  • Promote your content! Get a promotion plan in place and stick to it. I can’t say any more than that. 

When you follow a proven structure and framework – Magic happens.

When you make time to write – Magic happens.

When you have a clear content action plan that saves time – Magic happens.

When your content starts to work for you – Magic happens.

Want more magic in your life when it comes to content and copywriting skills? Don’t let your content writing success be determined by a few mistakes. You can get great at writing results … I guarantee it.

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Need some help with your content writing?

My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing.” – Lauren Bell, author and wealth coach

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