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Content writing questions – got one?

Content writing questions: Have you wondered how a content writer can help you? Or what it is we even do? Don’t worry, you are not alone. While we know exactly what we do, EC Writing Services – the content writing gurus in Australia – realise not everyone shares our train of thought. So we are here to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your writing needs and answer any of your questions.

Content writing questions: We are here to help you

  1. What does a content writer do?
    ​What don’t we do! EC Writing Services works with small to medium-size businesses and individuals on a number of writing products. We have broken our content writing services into two groups: online and offline. Online content writing can include: Website content​ ​~ Blogs ~ SEO articles ~ Online stories and articles ~ Online profiles and one-page business bios ~ Books and online training manuals ~Offline content writing might be: Press releases ~ Media, information or sales packs ~ Magazines and newspaper articles ~ Books and manuals
  2. What is content? Oh my, content is just about anything these days! It is such a broad term and quite hard to define, but it is at least all of the above, plus brochures, newsletters, social media status updates, videos, podcasts and any other way you choose to get your message or information out to the world. Content writing generally refers to the writing of all of these promotional and valuable marketing methods.
  3. Why do I need a blog? Everyone who’s anyone has a blog – even Fido the dog down the road can have a blog. Yes, we’re not kidding! A blog aims to give you a voice for your business, relay any important messages or information to your customers and potential customers, and pretty much help you share your knowledge with the world. It can be purely business orientated with information about how your services can help (written in an informative and interesting way, of course. No one likes a sales pitch!). Or it could be your way of personalising your business to show you really are just another real-life person.
  4. How much does content writing cost?
    ​So glad you asked! We do not charge by the hour at EC Writing Services, but have packages instead.
  5. Top content writing questions: Can I make changes to the content you write for me?
    ​No! Just kidding. Of course, you can, it’s your copy. Included in the package price are two sets of changes to be made within 14 days of the draft being sent. In our initial conversations, we’ll be gathering as much information about your business as possible. You may not realise we are doing this but rest assured we want to know as much about you as you want to about us!

    • At the start of the project, we’ll ask you to send us any marketing collateral you have (brochures, newsletters, bios, etc) so we can extend our knowledge of your business and what you stand for. We will also send you a questionnaire to be filled out when you have a moment. If we still need more info, we’ll give a call for a quick phone interview.
    • Then we construct the content. We may need additional info during this process which we’ll ask you for by email or phone. Once we have written the copy and given it its first light proofread, we will send it to you in a Word document entitled “Draft1”. We like to think of this as a work in progress and are happy to take on any changes or feedback you have. PLEASE NOTE: We are not precious – you will not hurt our feelings by asking for changes. First and foremost, this is your copy. Think of us as your scribes!
    • We’ll do that step all over again for a second time, plus we will lightly proofread your content a second time. At the end, we will proof and edit your copy heavily. We do this at the end to take into account any changes you have made, so it is clean and consistent. We often use external proofreaders as well. Then we’ll send you a document entitled “FINAL”.
  6. Does EC Writing Services offer proofreading and editing?
    You are in luck, my friend. Not only are we good at it, but we are also meticulous! EC Writing Services owner and professional writer Elizabeth Campbell is a features editor and has edited a number of magazines and products (check her out here). Proofreading is included in all of our written content, but we can also proofread something you have already had written or you’ve written yourself.
  7. Do you write for any industry? Absolutely. Great question. We have a team of writers and journos with special interests and expertise. We have written for all sorts of businesses, including builders, make-up artists, fashion stylists, insurance agencies, dentists, holiday specialists, designers, cosmetic companies, real estate agents, the government, marketing companies, and so many more there isn’t enough room to list them all! If you’re worried, don’t be. Just drop us a line and we’ll put your mind at ease. We are superior at following a detailed brief and have knowledge of most industries. We are also fast learners! But we also possess this other superpower: The ability to ask the right questions to get the right information about your business, brand and ideal customers.
  8. Why should I choose you?
    ​Another great content writing question! Thanks for asking! EC Writing Services is a professional content writing service for small to medium-size businesses and individuals specialising in online content, such as websites and blogs, but also extending to offline content, such as press releases and books. We want to showcase you in the best possible light and make sure you leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. Ultimately, that would be an optimum outcome for you, but it will leave us feeling warm and fuzzy too. Most of our work – actually about 90 percent of it – comes from referrals from current and past customers, and we have a heap of lovely testimonials to back up what we say. You won’t just be a satisfied customer, you will be delighted with our products and service.